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Cops Attack Peaceful Protest …

… again.

The goons in the Met set out to prove that they can be as violent and thuggish as the Mexican police last night by wading into a protest at the Mexican embassy held in solidarity with those murdered by the state in Oxaca recently (see below).

8 people were needlessly and probably illegally arrested and more than one person suffered injuries. Good to know which side of the fence the Met sit on in their laughable role as defenders of democracy.

The scary thing is, with more and more cops in central London carrying automatic weapons and suffering from twitchy trigger fingers, how long before the UK has it’s own Brad Will?

full report is available here with more pics here.


Bring Back National Service

Signs that Cameron is beginning to reeal his true colours became apparant yesterday as he appeared to support the re-introduction of national service. Concerned that young people are not developing the traditional tory values of greed, bigotry, selfishness and intolerence, Cameron was heckled in Brixton as he launched the new charity The Young Adult Trust.

So down with the kids they don’t even have a website yet, this new scheme appears to be a rehash of the Duke of Edinburgh awards with a voluntary, non-military programme to teach young people to become ‘responsible citizens’. Concerned that the youths of today drop litter, are rude and may get involved with drugs at university, Cameron even appears to be suggesting that young people might have to complete this pointless, expensive exercise in order to gain the rights that come with adulthood.

This may include the right to vote, in Cameron’s Brave New World only those deemed ‘responsible’ (tory) will be allowed to take part in the so called democratic process. As more than one cynic has pointed out, many of us have votes we’ve never used and would be more than happy to pass them over to the young folk, providing they can demonstrate an aptitude for anti-social behaviour …

and as long as they promise not to vote tory of course.

Meanwhile feminists are set to demonstrate tonight (31st Oct) at the tory conference entitled “Shoes, shopping and politics” making the statement:

“More Tory MPs is not women’s liberation!”

We couldn’t agree more, meet at 5.45pm at Covent Garden Tube station, more details here.

Oaxaca: Demo Called for Tonight

A demonstration against repression by the Mexican state (police and military) of the Oaxaca workers and the general population has been called for Monday 30th October at 5pm in front of the Mexican Embassy in London:

Mexican Embassy to the United Kingdom
16 St George Street
Hanover Square
London W1S 1LX

Call to all Independent Journalists to Support the Struggle in Oaxaca

An electronic blockade of Mexican embassies and consulates is taking place, go here now

Meanwhile this statement has been released calling for help

Communique from Mexican Independent Media concerning Oaxaca
translated by barucha calamity

Mexico City, Saturday October 28th, 2006

To the People of Mexico:

To the People of the World:

To the Media:

Those of us from free and independent media we declare ourselves energetically against the repression that the government of Mexico is exerting against the popular movement of Oaxaca.

On the 22nd of May, 60 000 oaxacan teachers protested in demand of better labor conditions and initiated a long occupation of the downtown of Oaxaca City. On the 14th of June, the government of Ulises Ruiz ordered a violent and failed evacuation against the magisterial movement. In response, the Popular Assembly of Towns of Oaxaca (APPO) was created on the 23rd of June, composed of 350 social organizations in support of the teacher’s movement to demand an end to the wave of murders of social fighters by the government, as well as the exit of governor Ulises Ruiz.

Some of the APPO’s actions have been focused in takeovers of mass media, such as radio broadcasters and televison channel 9, to resist the media lynching that has at all costs tried to criminalize the movement. With the liberation of these mass media outlets, the town of Oaxaca not only created an instrument of popular information but also an essential mechanism of coordination and call to action to demand the removal of Ulises Ruiz.

In this social context, several independent international and national media were present in Oaxaca spreading the stories of the Oaxacan people’s struggle. Will Bradley Roland, correspondent of New York City Indymedia, also arrived to the city of Oaxaca. On the 27 of October, Brad was covering the struggle at the barricades when he was hit by the bullets of the governement paid assasins. In his commitment to document “the fights of those who construct their true history”, our companion was killed. On this day, at the barricades of Santa Maria and San Bartolo Coyotepec, also assasinated by firearm were Esteban Lopez Zurita, and professor Emilio Alonso Fabian. Near 20 more people were wounded by bullets, among them Oswaldo Ramirez, of the newspaper Millenium. Sinse this poular movement began, 14 people have been assassinated, there is an indetermine number of people wounded, near 40 people detained and one person disappeared- Roberto Pablo.

We hold the tyrant Ulises Ruiz, “governor” of Oaxaca, responsible, aswell as Carlos Abascal, Secretary of Government and Vicente Fox, president of Mexico for the death of the fallen comrade Brad and the thirteen others who have died in this worthy fight. They died by the hands of governmental repression against the people of Oaxaca. Their deaths are part of the consequences that the incursion of the federal forces in Oaxaca will bring.

As a network free and independent communication, we energetically condemn the repression of state and make a call that:

1.For support on a local level for the taking-over of mainstream radio and for the collective construction of one’s own means of information.

2. To make use on a national and international level of the networks of free and independent media and to spread the information that eminates from these.

3. At an international level to make an effective presence in diplomatic seats and demand the immediate departure of the tyrant URO and the stop to the repression in Oaxaca, as well as the departure of the military, PFP and the other repressive bodies of Oaxaca.

4. We call on the social journalists and communicators to exert and to affirm their right to freedom of the press, without any restriction and to continue without fear their work of spreading the news.

We remind them of the meeting of free and independent media this Sunday, the 29th of October, at noon in the Chamber of Juárez in Mexico City.

The free and independent media is also the people and at this moment the people need us to accompany our brothers in struggle until obtaining the fall of Ulises Ruiz.

Network of Free and Independent Media

Indymedia journalist shot dead

Protests and solidarity actions are happening across the world after the shooting of New York indymedia journalist Brad Will in Mexico on Friday.

Brad was one of four people shot dead by para-militiaries in the city of Oaxaca which has seen an increase in violence in recent weeks. The city of Oaxaca has held an encampment occupying the centre since June who are demanding the removal of the governor of state Ulises Ruiz of the PRI.

Some have called for a group to break from today’s (Sun 29th) Free Education demo and protest at this latest round of state violence outside the Mexican embassy. Keep an eye on indymedia for updates.

Some photographs of Brad’s suspected killers have been released.

IMC Mexico
NYC indymedia

Wiltshire Drugs Hell!!!

Rumours abound that the army is likely to be called in to the town of Devizes to seal off the area after deadly skunk factories have been found in the area.

Still suffering from a recent heroind epidemic, during which one gram of heroin was recovered in a daring police raid, this new find has sent shockwaves throughout the community. A terrified local, whose trousers were stained with semen after being unable to find a rape victim told us

“It’s everywhere, I just had one little puff and immediately became schizophrenic, paranoid, nauseous and desperate for harder drugs. The whole towns on the stuff, the bins haven’t been emptied in weeks.”

But one brave crusader is fighting back. PC Adam Hall (pictured below) recently led a terrifying assault on a garden shed and recovered six of the deadly plants. Hall told us:

“It was touch and go and we didn’t know if we’d all make it back. After donning protective clothing to protect us from the deadly fumes we opened the shed door and there they were, glowering at us. I’ve never been so frightened in my life, but I just kept thinking of the children.”

“This just goes to show what happens when people are left to there own devizes.”

One man was arrested.

Meanwhile some locals have upgraded security after rumours that marauders from Bristol are set to storm into the small town in a desperate search for skunk. Skunk addicts, known to be killers when unable to ‘get their fix’ have suffered recently due to the government sponsered ‘skunk drought’. Outbreaks of washing up have been reported in squats across Bristol, whilst DVD rentals have plummeted.

Devizes neighbourhood policing team have requested people call them on 0845 408 7000 extension 737817 to let them know what you think.

Brave PC Adam Hall, guaranteed to never make Sergeant!

Many thanks to fearless investigative journalist Jill Crooks of for this story which is believed to be a likely contender for this year’s Pulitzer Prize.

There’s no such thing as a free country …

News reaches the void of a new scheme being proposed which involving being compelled to give a fingerprint before being allowed to order a pint of beer.

Hot on the heels of Blair announcing that he wants everyone’s DNA, this new piece of unsettling authoritarisism will allow landlords to refuse to serve anyone who has been in trouble with the old bill for drink related crime … or something.

Already being trialed in that most sorry of hellholes, Yeovil, (it’s personal, don’t ask) goons at the home office are now hoping to extend the scheme to other areas. Whilst the scheme appears to have had some effect on drink related crime in Yeovil, Julia Bradburn, principal licensing manager at South Somerset District Council, appears to suggest that domestic violence cases have risen.

Meanwhile an estimated 3/4 million children have had their fingerprints taken in schools, often without parental consent or knowledge, simply for the chance to be able to borrow a library book!

The good news is the proles are fighting back (almost). Two fronts are currently opening up against ID cards. Hand-wringing liberals might want to check out No2ID whilst baby eating anarchists are catered for by Defy ID.

Defy ID are holding a national gathering in Nottingham on 25th November. They are keen to point out that:

“This is not so much a public meeting to discuss the overall implications of the ID scheme, as a day to plan how we are going to stop it.”

So get yer research and yer chatting done now and then head to the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham for 11am on the 25th. More details are available here.

and remember folks …

first they came for the communists
(and the anarchists laughed)

then they came for the trade unionists
(and the anarchists were concerned, but it wasn’t worth leaving the pub for)

and then they came for the anarchists
(and with the trots safely out of the way we were finally able to beat the bastards!!!)