Under a Blood Red Lie … The Real RED Manifesto

All things being equal, they are not.

And that’s the way we like it.

As first world consumers, we have tremendous power (well we do). What we collectively choose to buy, or not buy, can change the course of life and history on this planet. So here’s the chance for us make the decisions for you.

(RED) is that simple an idea. And that powerful. Now you have a choice (stop laughing at the back). There are (RED) credit cards, (RED) phones, (RED) shoes, (RED) fashion brands. And no, this does not mean they are all red in color, although some are (dumbass).

If you buy a (RED) product or sign up for a (RED) service, at no cost to you a (RED) company will save some of their marketing budget to buy and distribute the anti-retroviral medicine to our brothers and sisters (fingers crossed) dying of aids in Africa.

We believe that if consumers are offered this choice, and the products meet their needs, they will choose to maintain the status quo and continue lining our pockets. And if they choose (RED) over non-(RED), then more brands will choose to become (RED) because it will make good business sense to do so. And more marketing executives salaries will be saved. This has the potential to (RED) wash (you see what we did there) the enitire corporate sector which is good news for all (shareholders).

(RED) is not a charity … far from it. It is simply a marketing strategy. You buy (RED) stuff, we get the money (we’re likin’ it already), buy the pills and distribute them. They take the pill, stay alive, and continue to work for us for slave wages to make the merchandise. It’s really quite simple.

If they don’t get the pills, they die and it’s your fault. We don’t want them to die (well not really). We want to give them the pills. And we can. And you can. And it’s easy. Of course we could just give them the pills, but let’s not be simplistic (unprofitable).

All you have to do is buy our products. And then go back to sleep.

red manifesto

buy one


4 responses to “Under a Blood Red Lie … The Real RED Manifesto

  1. wot a fuking bag of shite this blog is, get some pot and smoke yourself to death, I will pay for it

  2. good start, very witty

    any more advice

    very apt username by the way

  3. well done on being in Tim Worstall’s Britblog Roundup Mr Void!

  4. You are exactly on target. The dumb people follow blindly as their pockets are picked clean by smart marketers playing on their sympathy. Don’t buy RED or have anything to do with Clinton’s AIDS projects either.

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