Skunk Drought Set to Continue

At the time of the fall of the Soviet Union the proletariat stomached the bread and petrol shortages, it was only when fags became scarce that the riots began..

A similiar situation may soon occur in the UK with reported outbreakes of violence across the country due to the worst skunk drought in the nation’s history.

Usually placid hippies have been reported fighting in the street over scraps of soapbar whilst violent crime is rocketing as skunk withdrawel kicks in across the country.

In Hemel Hampstead a known pot-smoking vicar allegedly frisked his entire congregation before throwing them out of the church and locking the doors after finding an eigth in the pocket of a parishner.

Meanwhile several legalise cannabis campaigners have ‘gone to pieces’ with some taking the extreme step of getting a job! Cannabis Grandma has been prowling the street of Tyneside and is reportedly armed and dangerous, whilst normally sleepy Glastonbury has turned into a ‘riot zone’.

Rumours abound about how this dangerous situation occurred with many growers blaming the Summer heatwave and increased border security is also thought to play a factor.

Just as things were easing the old bill (many have been off work with stress since the drought began) are set to inflame the situation further with two weeks of cannabis factory raids planned.

Police spokesman Allan Gibson who think’s he’s a fucking comedian was quoted this week as saying that cannabis cultivation is an “increasing problem which must be nipped in the bud”.

Some have speculated that these raids are down to low moral in the police force. Unable to catch real criminals many cops have turned to cannabis use to unwind at the end of the day and have shared the frustration of many smokers this Summer.

It has been suggested that John Reid’s recent upswing in popularity is down to the fact that it is thought the Home Office may have a couple of kilos tucked away somewhere. Other pot smoking MP’s have turned to Brown in frustration.

Sources close to the void have hinted that the Tory party conference may be the best place to score as Cameron is rumoured to have picked up some ‘boom’ charis on his recent jaunt to India. Senior tories today refused to comment, with many just giggling when questioned.

Blair is planning to fly out to Afghanistan today, but has warned that he may have to ration people and even the Taliban are only knocking out soap at the moment.

(thanks to Spartacus for the image)


One response to “Skunk Drought Set to Continue

  1. Funny, funny read! lmao! great blog reading. n1 johnnyvoid.

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