Redwatch Revealed

Inept facist website redwatch has been given a taste of it’s own medicine as some of the faces behind the daft affair have been published on indymedia.

Redwatch publish photos of anti-racists, people on anti-war demos, folk who post on internet forums etc and claim that the “the reds are false, untruthful, degenerates and tyrants.”

When explaining why redwatch exist they invoke famous socialist George Orwell when commenting on those of the left, dribbling “time and time again one sees George Orwell’s Animal Farm or 1984.”

Self proclaimed white nationalists, they have little in the way of coherence and are about as dangerous as a tub of lard, but just so you know who’s taking your photo next time you’re out and about here’s a couple of pics. Many more can be found here.


One response to “Redwatch Revealed

  1. About as dangerous as a tub of lard? I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. But it’s nice to some photos finally.

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