Ghosts Trains in Hampstead

A fellow traveller in the void recently sent us the above pic with this explanation

“the pic doesn’t do it justice but its the best i could get

the other night, latish (9.30 maybe) i was at hampstead heath station when the above train pulled in. The drivers windows were tinted so i couldnt see in.

It was maybe 30 carriages long, as long as a freight train, with flexible joins between some of the carriages like a bendy bus.

As you can see it was about the same shape as a tube train, but has no windows or even doors that i could make out. every carriage was exactly the same, painted matt grey all over with absolutely no indentifiable markings whatsoever.

The only marks were on the chassis which had big safety instruction in a variety of languages

it dripped with malice”

So any ideas folks, nuke warheads, toxic waste, aslylum seekers being driven to a concentration camp or just a bit of a strange looking freight train?

After the Mirror exposing how easy it would be to fix a bomb to a nuke train the void reckons if this train is radio-active then it must be stopped. Any explosion could take out the whole of Hampstead Garden Suburbs …


2 responses to “Ghosts Trains in Hampstead

  1. Sounds like a CARGOWAGGON Manchester-Milan liner train..

  2. general consensus on urabn 75 seems to be that it’s a car transporter, though the case is not yet closed

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