Back in the saddle again …

OK, here’s the news, next year the void will be taking August off completely, it’s not that we don’t like you, just that we like to the Summer too much to care what useless capitalists are up to …

… and even they aren’t up to much come the Summer.

But the carnival happened (and it was a good one) which means Summer is officially over and the long dreary trek of Autumn begins. We had a good one, the two year old turned three, we spent most days in the open air and many nights under the stars and we’re feeling occasionally upbeat about the coming months.

Lots of things seem to be on the cards to keep us entertained … the further demise of the new labour project, the inevitable slide into world war three, the upcoming police state and best of all the rise of Polish beer taking it’s rightful place leading the pack in all good London off-licences.

Lets hear it for Lech!


2 responses to “Back in the saddle again …

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