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Peaceful holiday-makers violently attacked in Essex

“Picture shows baton strike right to left slightly arched downwards. Good technique. Nice result.” … a police spokesman comments on the above photo on urban 75

The so-called ‘Mega-rave’ over the weekend was smashed with severe police brutality, leading to one party attendee allegedly losing an eye.

The ‘Mega-rave’, organised largely by the Guardian was planned months in advance by subversive newsletters and websites hoping to resurrect the sinister mega-rave movement which swept the UK in the 1990’s.

Believed to have connections with terrorist organisations including both the UK based labour party and the more hardline US Republicans, the underground publication the Guardian launched the chilling plans for a ‘Mega-rave’ last week. They clearly attempted to encourage fellow radicals to swarm into the countryside and stumble about to repetitive beats until they fall over.

Luckily ravers managed to foil the sinister plot however this resulted in several ‘out of control’ cops, hyped up on testosterone, caffeine, bitterness and doughnuts to descend on peaceful civiliians and launch a violent, unprovoked attack.

Some brave attendees attempted to fight back however were thwarted when terrifying marauders dressed in black body armour, face masks and carrying offensive weapons descended on peaceful bank holiday revellers and plunged them into violent carnage.

Many of those who attempted to defend friends and family were ‘disappeared’ into what are believed to have been steel locked cells. Many were violently beaten, verbally abused and some left with serious and permanent injuries.

These ‘cops’ as they have become known are ibecoming a worrying problem for law-abiding people with some citizens reporting to being shot after having their homes broken into and one family claiming that ‘cops’ shot their son in cold blood whilst he was running for a train!

Believed to have been behind a number of faked terrorist plots these increasingly vicious thugs are becoming a serious threat and vigilance is being warned to all those who are attempting to create a peaceful and tolerant society.

Meanwhile if you see a ‘cop’ out in the street we suggest you say nothing and ignore them completely. On no account approach them, they can be considered armed and highly dangerous (although initial studies suggest they have limited intelligence and severe personality disorders this is only likely to make them more volatile and unpredictable).

a vile propaganda site describes their twisted version of events
Officers injured in rave clashes

a demonstration has been called on 9th September outside Essex police station, more when we know it.


Back in the saddle again …

OK, here’s the news, next year the void will be taking August off completely, it’s not that we don’t like you, just that we like to the Summer too much to care what useless capitalists are up to …

… and even they aren’t up to much come the Summer.

But the carnival happened (and it was a good one) which means Summer is officially over and the long dreary trek of Autumn begins. We had a good one, the two year old turned three, we spent most days in the open air and many nights under the stars and we’re feeling occasionally upbeat about the coming months.

Lots of things seem to be on the cards to keep us entertained … the further demise of the new labour project, the inevitable slide into world war three, the upcoming police state and best of all the rise of Polish beer taking it’s rightful place leading the pack in all good London off-licences.

Lets hear it for Lech!

Medical Ganjas Last Stand

Since the demise of the cannabis festival the legalise pot movement has barely sparked in recent years, but throughout the true heros have been the medical growers and suppliers.

Over a five year period, THC4MS have sent over 33,000 bars of CannaBiz chocolate to sufferers of MS, several others around the country have also risked their liberty to supply medical cannabis to those who need it.

THC4MS and several others are facing a court hearing for this humanitarian act this December and may face several years in jail as a result. They have been told by the judge that their case has no defence in law.

A call has gone out asking for support, you can sign the petition here, or keep updated on their website to find out how you can help.

the void will be keeping an eye on this one so check back for updates.

Blockade the Foreign Office!

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office under the leadership of Margaret Beckett and Geoff Hoon, is complicit in the continuing destruction of the Middle East. From the bombing of Beirut to the bloodshed wrought in Iraq and Afghanistan their overt, or tacit, support has seen thousands die with more suffering the same fate everyday.

Whilst individual ministers and civil servants, such as Kim Howells, may make meek protestations against the violence, as a department it is central to the continuation of these brutal wars and the human suffering they bring.

Shutting the department down for the day will make it clear that we will not stand by passively whilst people are being massacred across the globe by our government.”

Including live performances from Palestine!, Balata refugee youth dance troupe performing from 8-9 am.


This Government Has Gone to Pot!

The UK government seems to be falling apart at the seams as it steers it’s rudderless ship towards self-destruction. With the Fuehrer sunning himself in Barbados it seems that deputy PM Prescott has vanished.

Completely absent during the liquid explosives saga (police claim to have unearthed several bottles of White Lightening Cider) poor old Prezza has been missing since last week.

His long suffering wife is said to be ‘relieved’ whilst his constituents are thankful to be able to see sunshine for the first time in years. A large mass found floating in the Atlantic has now been proved to be an iceberg, although rumours persist that Prescott is on the way to the States to have another go after starting a fight with Blair just before the end of term.

Gordon Brown has reportedly said ‘give the bastard one from me ya big lump.’

Bliar, hiding out in the mansion of notorious womaniser and satanist Cliff Richard has been keeping quiet whilst the world decends into chaos, sulking as he is because Bush wouldn’t let him go to Lebanon.

Whilst Blair lives it up in the sun gibbering John Reid has attempted to take control of the situation leaving Whitehall insiders concerned for his mental health. Reid’s carer spoke to the void:

“We think it might be Alzeimer’s, first he convinced himself that he was some big Glaswegian hardman, I mean the man’s 93, now he’s convinced he’s prime minister. We tried to play along with his tough guy fantasies, but .. well let’s just say you wouldn’t think he was so tough if it was you that had to change his nappy.”

More worrying Reid’s delusion is such that he is still maintaining that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not increased the terrorist threat to the UK.

Meanwhile guido is reporting the existance of a video which shows a Labour minister smoking a spliff. Environment minister, hippy Ben Bradshaw seems to be in the frame according to comments left on guido’s blog although guido himself neglects to tell us exactly who the toker is claiming his source has backed out (or realised that it might make him a few bob if he sold his vid to the scum rather than give it away for free on someone’s blog).

Another possible culprit is of course John Reid himself, who always keeps a bit of hash tucked away at home for those ‘difficult’ days, whilst Prescott himself could also be in the frame after reports that he has been suffering from a 30 year attack of the munchies.

Some have also speculated that Blair’s trip to the Caribbean may have been a mission to pick something up for the folks in the cabinet as he’s the only one able to make it through customs these days without getting busted. This would also explain his desire to go to Lebanon and and the frequent trips to Afghanistan.

Senior tories Cameron and sick boy Osborne were asked to give a few lines on this latest scandal to hit the Labour front bench but Cameron just snorted whilst Osborne asked if we’d got any tinfoil.

Not all Israelis Support this War

A banner drop in Tel Aviv last week

Protests have been happening across Israel in response to Israeli aggression despite the constant parroting in the western media that all Israelis support this war.

On Saturday 5th August over 10,000 people marched in Tel Aviv in one of the largest anti-war demonstrations Israel has ever seen. Not to be outdone, Israeli anarchists blockaded the entrance to the Ramat David air force base in the north of the country from which fighter planes have been leaving to bomb Israel.

Heavy handed goons from the IDF hit back over the weekend with one Israeli demonstrator being shot twice in the head with rubber bullets at an anti-war demo in the Palestinian village of Bil’in (video here). The man shot has suffered permanent brain damage and several other demonstrators were also shot or badly beaten.

Today the ceasefire in Lebanon seems to be holding although trigger happy Israeli soldiers shot at a group of Hezbollah fighters in the town of Hadatha in south Lebanon, killing one of them, within hours of the ceasefire beginning.

A spokesman said an Israeli patrol felt “under threat” when the fighters approached it and had not broken the terms of the ceasefire and what’s more one of them looked at his bird and another spilt his pint.

Both sides are claiming victory in the conflict which lasted a mason friendly 33 days with Hezbollah congratulating Lebanon on its “big victory” and thanking citizens for their patience during the violence.

In an attempt to win the propaganda war the Israeli foreign misistry has called on zionists the world over to get online to support Israel with a letter posted on a pro-Israeli website stating:

“Many of us recognize the importance of the Internet as the new battleground for Israel’s image. It’s time to do it better, and coordinate our on-line efforts on behalf of Israel. An Israeli software company have developed a free, safe and useful tool for us – the Internet Megaphone.

Please go to, download the Megaphone, and you will receive daily updates with instant links to important internet polls, problematic articles that require a talk back, etc.”

the void says … come and have a go if you think yer hard enough!

Camp for Climate Action Programme Launched

The Climate Camp will take place in Megawatt Valley, near Leeds, home of Drax power station from August 26th to September 4th.

Several thousand activists from across Europe are expected to attend and Drax power station, Europe’s biggest single cause of pollution will receive a visit from the camp on Thursday 31st August. The programme for the weekend has just been launched and is available here and a call has gone out for as many people as possible to get involved and help out in any way you can.