Blair in Iraq Lowdown

Anti-war protesters offer Blair some fashion advice for his latest Middle Eastern jaunt

Blair has made a ‘surprise’ visit to Iraq and stated that there is ‘no excuse’ for bloodshed to continue in the country … nothing much can be said to that really.

With his usual inane grin very much in evidence he met new PM Nouri Maliki who has said that he expects Iraqi forces to have taken control of Iraq within a year … oh except Baghdad of course .. the capital.

While Blair jets around the world again many have criticised him for his failure to meet any survivors of 7/7 in this country as well as the injured troops who’ve been brought home. The hatred for Blair within the military is at an all time high, and he might be more concerned about his own troops than the insurgents whilst he’s out there living it up. One soldier has commented (who shall remain nameless)

“Have a look at a few Army message boards to see how many soldiers feel about the Celstial Navigator and his ugly bloodsucking fucking wife. I can honestly say that if someone offered me a tenner to look the other way while they put an RPG into his car, I’d give him his money back and go round the corner for a quick fag until I heard a really loud bang.”

Blair refuses to give a time-table for when troops are to be pulled out just as he refuses to give a time-table for when he plans to fuck off out of number 10. He does claim that all foreign forces will have left within four years .. er … ‘but hey don’t tell the Americans that guys.’ Blair isn’t very good at seeing into the future and commented that the road to democracy in Iraq had been “longer and harder” than he had hoped.

I mean hell Tony, who knew?


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  1. Quite.

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