A Sea of Drunk Teenagers

pic Marc Vallée

West End off licences almost ran out of alcopops yesterday as almost 10,000 teenagers turned up in Trafalgar Sqaure to attend the anti-fascist Love Music Hate Racism concert.

‘Fuck the BNP’ and ‘have you got any ID?’ were the slogans of the day as freshfaced schoolkids proceeded to attempt to drink Soho dry.

Belle & Sebastian, Lethal Bizzle and The Mentalists were some of the artists who appeared with some inspired VJing from the void’s mates over at punkvert.tv

Trying to avoid cynicism and hope that the kids didn’t just turn out to see Pete Doherty live on stage the few grizzled old crusties who made the day generally agreed it was a good thing … though it’s unlikely to happen again after the state the Square was left in.

Those who did turn up to see Doherty will have remained disappointed as he was unable to make it due to his arrest over the decidely dodgy pic which featured in the Scum recently.

Now any self-respecting junkie is unlikely to give a hit to someone already on the nod, it’s a waste of perfectly good drugs and quite likely attempted murder.

Many have speculated that Doherty was in fact removing the needle, or even that Doherty himself staged the pic to wind up the tabloids.

In any event the arrest meant yet another no-show for Doherty, not that those in the Square seemed to mind or even notice, many were in the fountain by the time Babyshambles were due to play.


2 responses to “A Sea of Drunk Teenagers

  1. yes void

    i did a post on this event at http://pray4iraq.blogspot.com
    try to check it out if you can

    i was there, and it was a pretty good day, apart from crack head pete getting himself injected.

  2. i meant arrested. Its late.

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