Pledgebankers bottle out

“I will form part of a human chain around the Westminster no protest zone but only if 6,000 other people will join in.”

— Richard

Well 6,000 people din’t sign up but almost a thousand did and judging from the comments were more than up for some kind of naughtiness come mayday.

But it appear the mysterious Richard has sent an e-mail to one and all saying that this action will now not be happening on mayday. A comment left on the site reads

“As early as December someone submitted a comment asking if the action would occur on May Day. Richard failed to clarify and since he was not taking an active role others started tentatively planning things based on the assumption that it would. Still Richard maintained his silence. Then with just 10 days to go he basically tells us that the pledge was never intended to occur on May Day.”

The pledge is to be extended until next January by which time SOCPA will have been extended to the whole of the inside of the M25 and the void will probably be writing this from a work camp.

After all, why take this action on mayday, when the police resources will be stretched thinly, journos are everywhere and there’ll be thousands on the streets who may be able to help.

We think it’s a cop out, and wonder if Richard’s been got at.

The void calls all disaffected pledgebankers to join the autonomous bloc on the TUC march. Meet at 12 noon, Clerkenwell Green EC1.


One response to “Pledgebankers bottle out

  1. Good reason. I really like to make out the print Marcy Lu

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