Free expressionists stumble on…

Well we had been hoping that this one would slip back into obscurity, after dodging ammo from those bigots on the left and the bigots on the right, the void had hoped to put this to rest …

… unfortunately they’re just too funny to leave alone

so here’s a round up of the plans of the free expressionists for the future.

First Up … SHOCK! HORROR Man Charged After Demo Scandal

Free expressionists are up in arms after it has been revealed that Iranian communist Reza Moradi, hassled by the pigs for carrying a banner showing the Danish cartoons is set to be charged.

Some scamps on the MFE website have commented that this is all an asylum scam, with Reza deliberately shwowing himself to be anti the Iranian government in order to prove that he would be in danger were he forced to return.

(subtext … he’s a dirty little asylum seeker using us good christian white folk and all our hard work, just to try sneak into this country and take my job/wife/council flat).

Meanwhile those of us who can use google found that this was unlikely as he has been present here already for at least eight years.

The question is what has he been charged with?

Now the police didn’t arrest him at the demo, merely taking his details, which like a chump he gave happily, and it seems that none of the free expressionists are able to find out exactly why he is being prosecuted, merely spouting some guff about the banner causing offence.

the void can think of no legislation whatsoever the cops could have used to charge him, unless they’ve pulled some weird by-law/archaic crap as they sometimes do.

Could it be he’s been charged with an offence unrelated to last Saturday? … no-one seems to know.

Not that voltaire cares who’s hurriedly scribbling a complaint to the IPCC directed at no less than keystone cop Ian Blair himself who voltaire holds fully responsible.

Meanwhile voltaire announces an ‘important new blog’ called toonaphobia. Posted up by no less than voltaire himself, this big two poster has been launched because

“I want to move cartoon stuff off the march blog. It was dominating it too much when there are other important issues to discuss.”

in other words, people are giving the original blog shit for being islamaphobic, so we thought we’d set up another blog where you can slag off darkies to your heart’s content.

Post one features a definition of what they call ‘toonaphobia’ which cunningly offers a deifinition of the term which a parody of the 8-point Runnymede Trust definition of Islamophobia. Do you see what he did there? … well we fell about, start as you mean to go on voltaire.

Meanwhile the steamroller of a campaign drives forward with a meeting being planned and possibly a party at some point. There’s an old garden shed at the end of my garden I could let you have voltaire, plenty of space for the punters in there, bit wet but you’re used to that eh….

Meanwhile the Black Information Link website have written a review savaging the sorry spectacle last Saturday called A Sea of White Faces.

the void reckons it was more of a puddle.

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Tatchell to call for end of the C of E this Saturday!
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2 responses to “Free expressionists stumble on…

  1. thanks for the update void – you’d think they would have taken the hint with the pitiful turn out last Saturday.

    Perhaps next time they could grow some balls and go and protest outside Downing Street and face arrest. After all, wasn’t it Blair who recently revealed that he prayed to God just before assisting in the all out invasion of Iraq which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Iraqis? Now that’s what I call a perfect example of a religious fundamentalist but funnily enough I’ve yet to hear a peep from the ‘free expressionists’ over that! I suppose he’s not quite as dangerous as a handful of banner-wiedling Muslims though, right?

    Oh it’s a funny old world, ain’t it..

  2. they just don’t stop do they

    they seem mostly harmless tho’, I’m learning to enjoy it

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