America starts to wake up?

Over half a million people took to the streets on Saturday to protest aginst Bush’s savage new immigration laws.


5 responses to “America starts to wake up?

  1. a truly wonderful sight if I ever saw one – nice one America!

    from the anti-war marches around the world on the 18th, to the anti-immigration marches in the US to the strikes in the UK and the strikes/riots in France – people power seems to be on the rise!!

    oops, and not forgetting to mention the ‘freedom of expression’ rally in London on Saturday! (not – hee hee ;o) )

  2. Doh – that of course should be ‘marches over the anti-immigration bill’, not ‘anti-immigration march’ – I didn’t mean to paint America as nazis!! :p

  3. i’m sure everyone knew what you mean

    “I didn’t mean to paint America as nazis!!”

    i mean who could ever possibly think that

  4. Bushwick Bill

    Screw you anti-american mofos. Those illegals and their supporters marching through American streets, waving foreign flags, and threatening violence against us must be expelled. Fortunately, the US Senate is dead-locked on giving amnesty to these invaders. Now is the time for the American people, who have been victimized by these Latino invaders and their slave masters, the multinational corporations, to stand up and organize counter-marches.

    You are some deluded mofos and I’d love to have the privilege of shoving my fist down your fucking mouths.


  5. such a great advert for your country

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