Roddick and Bono to Marry in Secret Illuminati Ceremony

Body Shop cultists carry out a ‘sick’ display of ecstatic pagan worship

the void can reveal that Anita Roddick and Bono are set to be married in a secret satanic ceremony at Bohemian Grove. Presided over by the pope this ceremony will further strengthen the evil twins drive to become king and queen of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Known in occult circles as the GREEN WITCH Roddick has secretly confessed her sick love for Bono, saying to initiates ‘I’ve wanted to shag that horny Irish bastard for donkey’s years.’

Roddick and Bono have always been known by researchers to be SATANIC INITIATES who have long been part of the plot to enslave the world in the coming apocalypse.

The proof of their occult involvement lies in their names: ROD – DICK represents two words occultists use for the MALE GENITALIA confirming that ROD-DICK is a long standing member of the twisted sun worshipping OSIRIS cult the ILLUMINATI. Meanwhile Bono’s name speaks for it’s self (derived from boner), meaning simply ‘a prick’.

The numerological value of the letter U is 3, added to 2 and using the satanic rules of reversal clearly represents the EVIL number 23. Disturbingly the band U2 are said to be an offshoot of the notorious P2 masonic lodge.

ROD-DICK, who has recently sold out to global illuminist corporation Nestle is far from planning retirement sources reveal. ROD-DICK has been captured on secret video tape TORTURING ANIMALS (send $299.99 to this blog for your exclusive copy) and has also been behind a number of SATANIC POTIONS largely manufactured from CRUDE OIL and ancient AFRICAN poisons.

These potions are said to turn ordinary god fearing women into babbling lunatics wailing about the terrors of the CHRISTIAN CAPITALIST SYSTEM while simultaneously exploiting thousands worldwide in an orgy of OVER PRODUCTION of these evil smelling chemicals.

ROD-DICKS store the Body Shop (a clear reference to satanic exploitation of fornication) is actually operating a GLOBAL PROSTITUTION RING with un-unionised staff forced to offer themselves to secret illuminati ceremonies as SEX SLAVES.

One highly respected source has witnessed the horrific rituals that this pair have indulged in

“I was hiding in the woods around Bohemian Grove. I watched ROD-DICK lovingly prepare the altar before passing a knife over to Bono who proceeded to plunge the knife repeatedly into a small defenceless giraffe”

Later in a shocking HOMOSEXUAL ORGY Bono was seen SUCKING the COCK of none other than high ranking illuminati member GEORGE BUSH, whilst ROD-DICK looked on masturbating and smearing powdered baby milk over her bare breasts.

As revealed here U2’s lyrics have long been proved to carry SECRET SATANIC MESSAGES, whilst Bono’scohortt Bob Geldof has been reported as saying ‘I’d shake hands with the devil!!!’

the void calls on all right thinking Christians to protect your children from these twisted Satanists by refusing to buy their sick products or listening to U2’s sick music, which has been known to bring on cases of projectile vomiting and other signs of DEMONIC POSSESSION.

(this information has mysteriously disappeared from Jeff Rense’s website … possible proof of Rense’s involvement in the secret conspiracy to hide THE TRUTH from FREE AMERICANS!!!)

Woo Hoo! Roddick’s getting it already
Roddick Shows True Colours … Boycott Bodyshop
Outrageous Slurs Launched on St Bono


4 responses to “Roddick and Bono to Marry in Secret Illuminati Ceremony

  1. Ok, that is just WRONG…I often put together odd google combinations, this one happening to be Bono/Masons…you are sicl, leave my Bono alone…ok, it was kinda funny.

  2. ROD-DICK has now been completely erased from the picture.

  3. This information is not correct. George Bush is not one of us, he’s on the other side. P2 are not masons, but satanists. Stewart Home is not a neoist, and never was, but an old fashioned anarcho-communist trying to discredit the Neoist Conspiracy, making it so bad that it’s good.
    Dick doesn’t mean penis, but is the surname of a talented dead SF writer.
    (Hot) Rod (s) is not a penis, but an alternative secret name for the Sex Pistols.
    U2 thing is not music, but corny irish folklore.

    HELLEKTRO is the right music for your children.

    Forget Marilyn Manson!Rick Terror is the sexiest Antichrist you’ll ever get!

  4. I can’t tell if this is a sick joke or an even sicker lie. I guess that speaks volumes for the validity of most church types… you can’t tell if they’re serious or just being an asshole!

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