fat, racist whinger wins libel case

Political failure Michael Keith-Smith. who stood for Ukip and lost in Portsmouth North has won a big fat ten grand after sueing for libel due to an argument in a chat room.

Pathetic, immature Smith, who lists his interests as shooting people on his yahoo profile moaned “I just didn’t see why she should be allowed to get away with it”.

Tracy Williams, a college lecturer from Oldham, was ordered by a high court judge to pay £10,000 in damages, as well as lardy Keith-Smith’s £7,200 costs, after an argument in which she initially labelled him a “lard brain” before going on to accuse him of being a “Nazi”, a “racist bigot” and a “nonce” culimating with her claiming he was on the sex offender’s registar and calling his wife a prostitute.

One has to wondor why she wasn’t simply banned from the chat rooom in question as most chat room mods would have only been quick to do, however a court injunction forced the owners of the chat room to reveal Willaims’ details as she was posting anonymously.

Whilst her remarks were extreme and probably a touch out of order this could have devastating consequences for all chat rooms hosts and users as this case sees a precedent in the application of UK libel laws. Whilst Caroline Keane, a media lawyer has said “You can’t say this is something that should just be allowed to carry on. I don’t think it is going to open any floodgates; it’s a quite sensible application of the law,” Mark Stephens, head of media law at Finer Stephens Innocent, said the case should trigger a wider debate about whether the libel law was best suited to deal with such cases.

Whilst it could be argued that politically nonenetity Smith had been libelled the remarks were made on a chat room with a limited readership. This room in question only has around a 100 members, most of whom would hopefully be intelligent enough to work out what was going on for themselves.

With more and more communication taking place on line, this is akin to having lawyers sitting and monitoring every conversation anyone might have anywhere, anytime, waiting to pounce should anyone be defamed. Imagine the same scenario down the pub…

Lively and occasionally spiky debate has long been a feature of message boards and chat rooms, just as it in real life. To suggest that everyone involved should think about the legal implications of every comment, remark, criticism or indeed insult will result in a neuturing of this form of communication, forcing chat rooms mods to be obliged to censor half of the comments made.

In the US New Jersey state legislature is already considering a bill that would disallow anonymous members on forums. (link)

When writing for publications or even blogs most would think before embarking on a campaign of libel, chat rooms are different and should reflect conversation as it is in real life with all it’s colour, inaccuracies, humour and occasional spite.

Meanwhile greedy lawyers are sure to be wetting themselves, as one wag has commented on lively message boards urban 75 “Wonder if we’ll now see ‘no win no fee’ lawyers hanging out on discussion boards ready to make an offer soon as anyone’s the victim of a bit of abuse.”

Warning to chatroom users after libel award for man labelled a Nazi

update … Fat boy speaks


15 responses to “fat, racist whinger wins libel case

  1. Perhaps this might encourage a few minds to be a little bit more creative before reaching for the ubiquitous label of ‘Nazi’.

    As in ‘What do you call a 100 wet nazi’s? [sic]’, where the term is used to describe the likes of Peter Tatchell and the National Secular Society, just because they have the temerity to criticism women-hating extremist Islamism.

  2. Muslim are not typically white, so any aspect of anything remotely associated with their culture must not be critised in Voids world.

    However, if your a white a bloke who’s God forbid, a right winger, people must be allowed to shout you down with all manner of completly false and libelous accusations.

    In Voids world, anyone to right of Edward Heath is a unhinged racist.

  3. i think you missed the point of the piece, his politics are irrelevent, although always fun to have a pop at ukipers

    the point was about the restriction of freeflowing conversation online

    thought you free expressionists would be right behind me

  4. Oh I’m against what that UKIP prat did alright.

    Just found it interesting to see how widespread the use of perjorative label ‘Nazi’ has become. For some left-wingers, it means little more than ‘someone with whom I disagree strongly’.

    Not a good route to go down. The boy who cried wolf springs to mind.

    ‘Islamofascism’ is a much better term, since it refers to a real reactionary current within Islam, which always seeks to curtail freedom of expression wherever it can.

    What a shame that so many left-wingers now find themselves unable to condemn the horrendous, near-genocidal anti-black racist attacks in Darfur, backed by the Islamist Sudanese government.

    You wouldn’t have any problem in doing so if Christians were behind such crimes, now would you? Be honest.

  5. i think you missed the point of the piece, his politics are irrelevent, although always fun to have a pop at ukipers

    the point was about the restriction of freeflowing conversation online

    thought you free expressionists would be right behind me

    If it’s one thing I’ve learnt on left wing messageboards (And on blogs) is that freedom of expresion and humour are not generally extended to right wing guests.

    I’ve found to my cost that any pisstaking and false accusations (within to context of humour) are treated seriously as a moderation issue.

    If you could technically sue my arse off and get away with it you would. I know, because you don’t agree in freedom of expression for those you disagree with. If you could, you would make me pay for my views.

  6. dont know enough about whats happening in sudan, but i would be quiite happy to criticise for example bin laden, saddam hussein and the baathists, the talibal amongst others, just as i would happy to criticise bushs christian strategy for world domination, anglican ministers attacking homosexuality and anti-abortionists attacking doctors and burning down abortion clinics

    the point is that these are not representative of the religionss they claim to be and often use relirion as a cover

    you only need to look at how saddam, previously fairly secular suddenly came over all religious when it suited him

    its also worth pointing out that if you actually read any of bin ladens speeches, he does not talk of extablishing a global islamic state, and his objectives, just like bush are far more political than religious

    from what ive seen there was little criticism of any religion other than islam the other day, and the constant denigration of islam as a religion based on a minority carrying out attacks for reasons of politics, power or greed is disngenuous and offensive, particularly when you dont apply the same marker to other religions

    by the same token i believe the policies of the israeli state to be approaching facism, however i would never dream of accusing judaism of being facist cos that would be offensive nonsense

  7. you can say what you want about me, if its offensive i might ditch it, unless its funny in which case i may not

    and i get to decide whats funny cos its my blog

    having said that any racist chat and youre gone straight away

    i wont sue you tho

  8. always gotta get the last word, don’t ya … not here

  9. I would just like to thank johnny for this great article, its been a great read.

    I run 3 forums and a chat room, when your a admin of such places you get sticks and stones thrown at you many times, doesnt mean i’m going to go running off to see my solicitor, especially when I can just remove the nuisance, I can’t believe this guy went and paid all that money to pursue a case for a little name calling.

    He made a few personal allegations about me, I don’t mind, I just cry myself to sleep at night…NOT

    But thats just the guy he is, evil and twisted, hope he rots in hell.

  10. Proud To Be American

    Oh boo Hoo Wig Wam go cry to your Mommy. Most Men I know wouldnt be crying over being called a name. My six year old is more mature than you wiggy! Oh yeah but its ok for you to make comments about Traceys sisters kids. Grow up already, I think its long over due, if ya had any hair Id have guess you were five. Yeah Donna its hot down there the wig will burn up!

  11. Sheeesh, I am finding more stuff on this guy all the time, he has had people in court more times than the judges themselves are in court, he needs stopping.

    I want my sister to countersue, lets see how well the fat whiner does then, he has cause so much misery to my family and friends, with his snide comments and evil mind, he should’nt be allowed to get away with it.

    He thinks he is so clever by making it look like allegations, but we all know what he is really saying, he does’nt care who he hurts.

    This case was a sham from the start, he had Admin powers to those boards so he was able to remove those posts and chose not to, or even ALTER them, that should not be allowed to stand in a libel case, especially if posts can be tampered with, thats like putting blood stained clothes of a victim in the same forensic bag as a victims family.

    Thanks again Johnny for this article, it made my sisters day, mine too, it’s good to know we have people behind us and know this idiot for what he really is about. 🙂

  12. Looks like tory David Cameron leader agrees with you. Maybe Mike Smith’s recent highlighted media campaign platformed as a UKIP candidate went some way for Cameron to justify his comments in the article. Smith’s very public racist and bigoted rants are well known on the internet as are his silly beliefs that black people are genetically inferior to whites.

    What is more Cameron has a point, UKIP may have started out as a legitimate Euro Sceptic party with no particular mandate on race and immifration but in the past few years they have been hijacked by what Cameron quite rightly describes as fruitcakes and racists. Many from the Monday Club, Swinton Circle, BNP and Smith’s own right wing organisation the Conservative Democratic Alliance.

  13. Interesting to learn that the Smith case actually involved two racists.

    Seems Smith (like some other right wing extremists) pretended to oppose the Iraq war and even pretended to support Muslims. He was then slagged off by the loser, Williams who was a supporter of BNP and thought Smith was a traitor.

    Williams’s statements on Yahoo included:

    ‘The BNP offer the indigenous population an opportunity to challenge the failed multi-cultural cess pit this country has become.’

    ‘Muslims do not belong here, throughout the world they cause nothing but misery, murder and mayhem, they oppress, they despise and hate any person who rejects their mad cult. They believe everybody is born a muslim, and those that reject Islam, are infidels and should be killed.A political solution will never been found, it will continue until we have a civil war, and rid our country of these evil monsters’

    ‘I disagree, because the anal, cre and the mulsim community leaders would never allow that to happen, I am sick of this nonviolent action it is time we started
    fighting back.’

    Seems this racist loser isn’t worth fighting for.

  14. am well aware of william’s politics

    but smith the is the one who sued thus giving every self serving jobsworth on the net a dangerous string to their vindictive bow

    its a murky world this one, and from i can see theyre both as bad as each other, but smiths got form for this kind of thing

    and hes the one ten grand richer

  15. volt use to sing a different tne when we when to school together

    Very racist oh how things change

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