the void welcomes back bubblejam delite

After too long an absence the void is pleased to welcome alternative party people Bubble Jam Delite back into the fray.

After, what the void presumes was a storming launch party down at Jack’s last night (the void was not in attendance for childcare reaons) Bubble Jam, the former free dance mag has launched on the web featuring more than enough to keep you amused on those long Sunday come downs.

With politics, party news, art, science and sometimes just the plain old daft, Bubble Jam also features party listings that put this sites rarely updated and occasionally forgetten about completely efforts to shame. Good luck and don’t stop taking the tablets…


2 responses to “the void welcomes back bubblejam delite

  1. You are a unsong hero,
    a survivor of the bigotry of the the MFE blog site,
    who said things that had to be said,
    Good on yo’

  2. you made my day, thanks, have taken so much shit the last couple of days

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