Are tories set to legalise drugs?

RADICAL libertarian ideas – including legalising drug-taking – should be at the heart of policies aimed at reviving the Tories’ electoral fortunes in Scotland, according to a new book endorsed by Annabel Goldie, the party’s leader.
from The Scotsman

In what could seem like blatant self interest particularly on Cameron’s behalf, the Tories’ Scottish deputy leader, Iain Catto has written a piece in the above mentioned book in which he argues that Tory policies should be based on individual choice and only permit intervention by the state when there is “overwhelming necessity”.

Referring to cannabis prohibition Catto argues “the state is deciding that is knows better than individuals what is right for them, in essence claiming to protect us from a so-called dangerous product.”

Whether English tories will follow up on this lead is so far unclear although Cameron has suggested downgrading ecstacy to Class B, prompting numpty Charles Clark to call him ‘irresponsible.’

Stung by his cruel remarks Cameron then appeared to change his mind, sensitive soul that he is (maybe he was on a come down) with a spokesman for Cameron saying “If he becomes leader, reclassification of drugs will not be top of the agenda.”

Whilst the tories demanded reclassification of cannabis to Class B at the last election, they then changed their minds and supported Clark’s decision not to reverse the reclassification.

On the tories website it is clear that they have no policies on drug use (or anything else for that matter) but in a piece of pure comedy it seems that they’re being advised by … none other than Lemmy of Motorhead.

So will we get legal drugs when the inevitable happens and the flimsy house of cards that is now New Labour falls apart? Well, no-one seems to know…

although David ‘the hoover’ Cameron has said in the past “I am an instinctive libertarian who abhors state prohibitions and tends to be sceptical of most government action, whether targeted against drug use or anything else…”

so who knows, certainly not the Conservative Party anyway, who are too busy snorting their way through Cameron’s monster stash to bother to come up with any policies at all.


One response to “Are tories set to legalise drugs?

  1. I suspect that by the time drugs are legalised, the real action will be homemade biochemistry and it will be social death to be caught tripping on legal drugs.

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