Talking About Cannabis, William’s view.

In reference to the post Talking (even more bollocks) About Cannabis

“My parents are quite typically middle class; they are quite different from me,
growing up in other parts of the country and amongst a different generation.
Cannabis is the anti-Christ in their eyes and the catalyst to blame for my entire
mishap of adolescence. The term ‘cannabis’ itself is heard, by me especially,
with disdain by those who enjoy a joint as it is commonly aligned with the
‘reports’ and ‘findings’ which demonise it so regularly in today’s press.

Cannabis is something I love; it calms me down and helped me to unwind
from stressful weeks at my previous public school. There I was amongst a
strong, rebellious fifty-strong section of my year with whom I would I would
drink and smoke socially, not excessively but enough to think ourselves
rebellious. I thought nothing of it. I smoked it through my exams and achieved
what I thought a great set of grades, (mostly A’s and B’s). My mother merely
told to imagine what I could have achieved if I had worked! My parents had
been telling I didn’t work since I joined the school, I’d ask for help from my
Dad on a Latin paper and it would always end up in a fight without fail. I
became bored with school it wasn’t interesting and I truanted a bit towards the
end, something I’d never done. I don’t feel cannabis is to blame, I feel it’s
society’s portrayal of it that frustrates your modern day teenager who is so sick
of being stereotyped.

I began smoking more, staying at friends’ houses not coming home, my mum
is sometimes impossible and constant blame was being shed upon me.

Frequently my parents will sit me down and tell me what they think is wrong
with me, which is usually considerable. Add to this that my mum is the kind
that thinks MSN messenger is ‘disgusting and pornographic’ and when I
arrived on my book return day at school wearing irregular trousers, as I had
somehow lost my others in a friend’s bedroom she screamed at me in front all
my friends.

Looking for ways to help your wayward youth? Don’t alienate them and push
them away, but if you refuse to make any kind of compromise you are always
going to lose.”


2 responses to “Talking About Cannabis, William’s view.

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  2. How can Debra go on when this comes out of the horses mouth?

    Why don’t William try to sell his story?

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