Scab Livingstone found Guilty

Former socialist and notorious scab Ken Livingstone was today found guilty in a kangaroo court of bringing his office into disrepute by comparing a journalist with a concentration camp guard.

Ken’s drunken clumsy statement to Jewish Evening Standard hack Oliver Finegold, in which he compared him to a concentration camp guard has had at least several (and some say a few) people outraged, calling Livingstone anti-semitic.

“It should never have reached this point when a simple apology could have avoided all the pain caused to so many Jewish Londoners who have been affected by the Holocaust,” said Adrian Cohen, chairman of the London Jewish Forum.

Ken himself claims that his comments were directed at the nazi Associated Press, whom he referred to as ‘bigots and scumbags.’

Ken further winged “This decision strikes at the heart of democracy. Elected politicians should only be able to be removed by the voters or for breaking the law.”

Although it could be argued that racist Ken’s remarks could have fallen foul of race hate laws, The Adjudication Panel of England chose to pursue the case, and have suspended Ken from duties for one month (as if anyone will notice).

The panel did not make a decision on whether Ken should be paid for this period, leaving some commentators to speculate that Ken may actually have just been given a months holiday.

However the good news is that since Livingstone lost the case, he must pay his own costs, estimated at more than £80,000 pounds, which is infinitely better than London council tax payers having to fund this charade.

Whilst it can be easily argued by Ken that this was not intended as an anti-semitic remark, and did not happen while he was working in an official capacity, his comments were a gift to the far right Evening Standard, who are in a state of unofficial war with Ken over … well, they just are.

Ken didn’t bother to turn up for the hearing showing a general contempt for the proceedings. The panel however were said to be ‘very concerned’ about Livingstones refusal to apologise.

the void meanwhile is building up a head of steam in general about sell out Ken … watch this space.


2 responses to “Scab Livingstone found Guilty

  1. Ken himself claims that his comments were directed at the nazi Associated Press, whom he referred to as ‘bigots and scumbags.’
    Correction: He blames Associated Newspapers, owners of the Mail and the Standard. Associated Press is an entirely different organisation that has nothing to do with the case one way or another.

    To put it another way, Ken blames scumbags, not journos. In this, at least, his decription is reaonably accurate.

  2. fair point, i stand corrected

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