Galloway’s Gone

not so gorgeous george

Galloway was finally evicted from the Big Brother household last night amid a jeering crowd.

Proving himself to be less popular than some guy from an indie band, some guy from a spoofy hip hop band, a gormless nonentity from Essex, a gormless nonentity from the US, national villain Barrymore and dried up old tranny Burns, Galloway was sent packing by almost two thirds of voters.

Brandishing his trademark cigar, looking like the tin pot stalinist dictator he so wishes he was, the crowd booed and heckled as he was led out of the house to be interviewed.

He visibly cringed catching a glimpse of some of the headlines about his interminable antics during his stay, and seemed close to tears when he learned that one of the young people in the house had branded him a “school bully” adding “It must be stressful for him now because he knows he’s blown it.”

It was almost hard not to feel sorry for him. But we managed to resist, as the self-styled, self-serving ‘leader’ of the anti-war movement brought more and more humiliation on himself and his party, the now laughably named ‘Respect Coalition’.

Galloway has said he had not been to sleep since leaving the show

“I have been talking to my loved ones, my friends and catching up on what has been happening in the world rather than what’s been happening in the Big Brother house.”

Like his mate Uday Hussein for example, who today vowed “to stick with him to the end”

although when pressed if he would be able to offer Galloway gainful employment should he do the decent thing and resign his seat Uday neglected to comment, (although he was heard to mutter to an aide “are they joking? It would be political suicide”)

Galloway winges … evict the bastard
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2 responses to “Galloway’s Gone

  1. I thought Uday was killed at the beginning of the war?

  2. no-one dies in the void

    see the interview with Stalin on the right

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