Cannabis Three Face Jail For Helping MS Sufferers

“The adage that a good deed never goes unpunished may well have been written for Mark Gibson, Lezley Gibson and Marcus Davies. These are the people behind THC4MS, an organisation whose sole purpose is to provide Multiple Sclerosis sufferers with a life-altering cannabis medication. A crime for which they due to stand trial at Carlisle Crown Court on the 1st February 2006.

Over the last five years, THC4MS have sent over 34,000 bars of CannaBiz chocolate to over 1800 bona-fide sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). All three concede they have broken the law but felt it essential because cannabis is often the only medicine which works for people with MS. Alternative treatments cost the NHS a fortune, aren’t as effective and often come with severe side-effects.”

Despite the government recently allowing Sativax to be legally imported from cannabis, they have decided to press ahead with the prosecution of THC4MS, an organisation which has become a lifeline to thousands of people.

THC4MS has declared that whatever the outcome next month, they intend to continue providing this vital service for those in need.

THC4MS provide their medical cannabis for free, saving patients hundreds of pounds a year. There has been a call out for a demonstration on the 1st Feb, details here

Reefer Madness Hits New High


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