Tatchell backs Hughes – exclusive

Time to forgive and forget Bermondsey dirty tricks

“Simon Hughes is the best of the Lib Dem leadership candidates. If I
was a party member, he’d get my vote. I want to see a stronger lead
on social justice and green issues. Despite his recent drift to the
centre, Simon is the contender most likely to move the Liberal democrats in a progressive direction.”

This endorsement comes from Peter Tatchell, the former Labour
candidate, who was defeated by Simon Hughes in the 1983 Bermondsey by-election – regarded by many commentators as the dirtiest and most violent election in Britain in the last 100 years.

Mr Tatchell, now a member of the Green Party, says it is “time to
forgive and forget the Liberals smear campaign in 1983.”

“The Liberals fought a very dirty campaign during the Bermondsey
by-election,” said Tatchell.

“Some of their male canvassers went around the constituency wearing
lapel stickers emblazoned with the words ‘I’ve been kissed by Peter
Tatchell’, in a blatant bid to win the homophobic vote.”

“On the doorsteps they spread false rumours that I was chair of the
local gay society – no such society existed.”

“A party member involved in the Liberal campaign in 1983 confessed to
me that the Liberals were behind the anonymous and illegal campaign
leaflet, ‘Which Queen Will You Vote For?’, which ridiculed my sexuality and
invited local voters to have a go at me by listing my home address and
phone number.”

“But that is in the past. I don’t hold grudges.”

“The Lib Dems are, unfortunately, not a radical Party. They are signed
up to the pro-business, neo-liberal economic project of globalisation.
Nevertheless, in Lib Dem terms, Simon is on the left of the party. Of
all the leadership contenders, he is the most progressive. I hope he is
elected Party leader. His election could help shift British politics a
little further left-of-centre.”

“Simon is preferable to the free market ‘Orange Book’ supporters,
who want to move the party closer to the Tories. Moves to reposition
the Liberal Democrats to the right would be a disaster.”

“I am on the left of the Green Party. I don’t support the Lib Dems, but
if I was a member I would vote for Simon as leader.”

“Although he lacks the radical vision of the Green Party, compared to
the other leadership candidates Simon has a better record on human
rights, social justice and environmental issues,” said Mr Tatchell.

so says Tatchell who contacted the void earlier today. we say that’s an admirable and extraordinarily reasonable attitude you’ve got yourself there Peter.

So perhaps the void will leave him alone for a while as well. sorted…


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