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Oi Kate! Keep yer Marf’ Shut

that could be vitamin c for all the cops know

Lets hope Kate Moss remembers her South London roots this week and remembers how important those three little words can be…

no comment officer!

Over zealous cops have been issuing ever sterner statements warning that Moss must give a “full and frank” admission of what went on when she was photographed allegedly sniffing charlie last year. However, if they are not satisfied with the answers given, Moss could face charges of possession and supply of the Class A drug, which carries a maximum 10-year jail sentence.

yeah right… according to those bastards who stitched her up in the first place, the Daily Mirror, officers are keen to find out who supplied the alleged drugs that the Mirror hacks exclusively showed her snorting last September.

A senior Scotland Yard source has confirmed

“We’re still waiting to hear whether or not she wishes to meet us.”

“We have made it clear through her representatives that we’ll see her at whichever police station she chooses, whenever she chooses.” grrr .. one rule for the rich ‘innit

Regardless with legendary Mick Jones of the Clash in the frame as well as Moss herself, then let’s hope she doen’t take the selfish way out.

If the blundering muppets at the Met can even make the drugs charges stick, she’s unlikely to receive more than a caution, and even if it goes to court, if she keeps it shut now then she’ll have a better case then.

Sources close to Moss have revealed that Moss is concerned about being unable to travel freely if convicted of a drugs offence.

Just remember though Kate, if you decide to grass then someone ain’t gonna be travelling anywhere, and given how well you’ve come out of this situation (compared to your ex for example, who wasn’t pictured taking drugs) then you know you’ve gotta do the right thing.

Meanwhile police harrassment of former boyfriend Pete Doherty continues, with him being nicked twice in one night. Doherty is currently being held on remand, although the good news is that charges against him for driving whilst under the influence have been dropped.

This related to the incident on 18th December when a car was spotted being driven erratically and flagged down by cops. Four of Doherty’s mates fled the scene, although mash up Pete failed to do the same and was therefore arrested.

Officers in fact have no idea who was driving the car, and the car keys found on Doherty did not fit the car.

Bang to rights there lads…well done

who breaks the wings of a butterfly on a wheel?
pic from here
Kate on coke – the movie

“on no account should you talk about what other people have done, or mention any names at all, in any context. In some instances, it may be the case that the police have insufficient evidence to charge you and are relying on you confessing in your interview. If you refuse to speak, they may have no option but to let you go without charge.” good advice from


Vigils to be held across country as 100th UK soldier killed in Iraq

As news broke today of the 100th British soldier to be killed since the beginning of the war vigils were announced across the country.

People will assemble in Parliament Square at 5pm tonight (Tuesday) whilst further vigils will be held across the country tomorrow. more here

London – New Occupied Social Centre

at last…

“As the New Year started, a new occupation began. The former School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES) located at 21-22 Russell Square, London which had been vacated some months previous, was occupied by students and non-students, aiming to create free accommodation, denied by speculative property prices and in refusal of the debt trap exacerbated by the creeping privatisation of education. We seized what has been denied, and we don’t seek to re-create private property, but rather, to realise a new radical, public space for all. “

good call, more here

Save the County Hall Sharks

No, not some long forgotten GLC members locked in a dusty basement, they’re all down the river at Tower Bridge these days.

One of the nicer things about having a kid in London is getting to do all the touristy things you’d be far too cool to do otherwise. So here begins an occasional series of reviews of tourist attractions in the capital from a cynical malcontent like myself and a wild eyed (and frankly reckless) two year old.

The London Aquarium is a one trick pony, and it knows it. Basically, if you’ve seen one tank of brightly coloured tropical fish then you’ve seen them all. You’d be better off taking your kid to a half decent pet shop and saving a tenner.

Crustaceans and the like are never going to offer up much excitement either, and in general sea life is not the most interactive enteratinment in the way stressed lions or depressed gorillas held captive in zoos can be.

I’m sure there may be some educational value going on, but my boy wanted to see sharks … and so did I.

Now I was expecting some kind of glass tunnel set in a vast mini-ocean surrounded by sharks, rays and whatever scary shit they could drag up from the depths.

Don’t expect that.

I should say at this point, I don’t like zoos in general, they make me feel uncomfortable, and whilst I’m aware of some of the valuable work some of them carry out in support of endangered species – well I don’t see why that work can’t be carried out anyway, without having to lock proud creatures up for the benefit of braying tourists.

That said, I went to the zoo as a child, and while the boys still so young, well he ain’t gonna get the politics is he. As a vegetarian who eats fish (thereby amusingly winding up carnivores and veggies alike), I thought an aquarium would be unlikely to upset me too much.

And then came the sharks. In keeping with this countries penchant for cruelty to animals in the name of public entertainment there in a pool, two stories high and about 12 by 15 Metres (a guess, I’m not the best judge) were around seven sharks between 6 and 8 foot who were swimming round and round … and round.

Sharks need to keep moving to be able to breath, so presumably these sharks have spent a lifetime swimming round and round and round this tank.

We saw feeding time, which far from being the bloody feeding frenzy I hoped for, was more a bunch of miserable sharks with a look on their faces that said ‘fucking great, dead mackeral again’.

It ain’t right basically.

The boy loved them though, and I can’t deny, having been fascinated by sharks from an early age, that the thrill of being so close to them was a pretty powerful one.

And one that left me feeling slightly guilty and cheapened.

I know they’re only fish, and not that smart, but sharks are often solitary creatures that swim across entire oceans, and these poor bastards, couped up for the indulgence of spotty tourists looked ready to end it all if they could.

A (much) bigger tank would help, releasing them back into the wild is probably too late, but much like the sight of eagles in cages or performing dolphins there was an unpleasantness to the spectacle which said more about the behaviour of human beings than nature’s most efficient predator.

London Aquarium costs a tenner to get in, is free for under 3’s, and you get money off if you show them a travelcard or bus ticket (for some bizarre reason).

You’ll be in and out in an hour, and whilst a bit pricey, the boy enjoyed it and didn’t shut up about sharks for the next two days.

So I guess it’s worth the money. But I’m not sure it’s worth the inherent cruelty.

London Aquarium

let them out!!!

Stop Press! Is Hughes on Rocks?

The Londoner’s diary, gossip column of right wing rag the Evening Standard has today revealed more details of Simon Hughes’ secret clubbing life. According to their ‘clubbing spy’ Hughes has been spotted at night clubs Heaven, Crash in Vauxhall and the Ku Bar on Charing Cross Road.

According to their source ‘He doesn’t dress up. I’ve seen him with his shirt undone but he desn’t take it off” hmmm…

Apparantly the Londoner telephoned to verify that Hughesy was a bit of a groover on the sly and had their collective heads bitten off by an irate press officer. Later they responded to the allegation that Hughes had been spotted at Heaven as many as a dozen times by saying that this is ‘utter rubbish’ about which there will be ‘no public comment’.

Which begs the question what’s he got to hide?

The void’s source places Hughes as raving it up large style in 1997, around the time a Mixmag survey revealed that 98% of clubbers used illegal drugs.

So was Hughes one of the (rather boring) 2%. And even if so, would he like to comment on the positive side of rave/club culture, and how he feels drug use has contributed to that?

He may be surprised how many young people (and in particular Londoners) would be prepared to support a party with an openly gay, left winger, with a savvy knowledge of drugs and club culture, whether he’s indulged or not.

But you gotta tell the truth geezer, otherwise you might get busted.

and no-one likes that Ming bloke, ain’t you noticed.

Apparantly Hughes’ press office eventually got back to the Standard and admitted that Hughes’ had visited Heaven nightclub once, for a ‘lib dem fundraiser’.

we think he’s lying again…
Simon Hughes, ‘e’s a Raver!

Hughes Out Forever!

As speculated on this very blog Simon ‘avin it’ Hughes has finally come clean and admitted to gay relationships in the past, despite saying last week that he was not gay in reply to a direct question.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper (sic) party president Hughes said “I am perfectly willing to say that I have had both homosexual and heterosexual relationships in the past,”

“I hope that does not disqualify me from doing a good job in public life and I propose to carry on doing that with the usual enthusiasm and determination.”

“I strongly believe that people should have a right to personal privacy.”

Well, okay, the void could not agree more, and it pains us to bring up, yet again the Bermondsey by-election of 1983 in which a vicious homophobic campaign was run against Labour candidate Peter Tatchell by rival Hughes’ campaign team.

Whilst Tatchell has now come out in support of Hughes, he also revealed that a Lib Dem source claims it was them who released a leaflet saying ‘which queen will you vote for’, which also contained Tatchells contact details and address.

So much for respecting personal privacy then.

Much could be made of the psychology behind an ‘in the closet’ MP acting in such a homophobic manner. However far from showing a man wrestling with his own sexuality, the void feels that this more likely demonstrates Hughes’ ruthlessness and the lengths to which Hughes will go to forward his career.

Hughes is undoubtebly not a homophobe, his recent statements, lifestyle and voting record all attest to that, however it seems he has been quite happy to pander to homophobia to get what he wants.

Which ain’t very nice really.

The void is more concerned with Hughes’ nightlife than his sexlife however. So on the question of the old recreationals then Hughes, ya gonna tell us or what?

Simon Hughes, ‘e’s a Raver!
Tatchell Backs Hughes Exclusive
Simon Hughes – A Straight Choice
Simon Hughes, ‘e’s a Raver! censored by indymedia
Censored Simon Hughes Story – update

Cannabis Three Face Jail For Helping MS Sufferers

“The adage that a good deed never goes unpunished may well have been written for Mark Gibson, Lezley Gibson and Marcus Davies. These are the people behind THC4MS, an organisation whose sole purpose is to provide Multiple Sclerosis sufferers with a life-altering cannabis medication. A crime for which they due to stand trial at Carlisle Crown Court on the 1st February 2006.

Over the last five years, THC4MS have sent over 34,000 bars of CannaBiz chocolate to over 1800 bona-fide sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). All three concede they have broken the law but felt it essential because cannabis is often the only medicine which works for people with MS. Alternative treatments cost the NHS a fortune, aren’t as effective and often come with severe side-effects.”

Despite the government recently allowing Sativax to be legally imported from cannabis, they have decided to press ahead with the prosecution of THC4MS, an organisation which has become a lifeline to thousands of people.

THC4MS has declared that whatever the outcome next month, they intend to continue providing this vital service for those in need.

THC4MS provide their medical cannabis for free, saving patients hundreds of pounds a year. There has been a call out for a demonstration on the 1st Feb, details here

Reefer Madness Hits New High