World Exclusive .. The void Interviews Stalin

After being exclusively contacted by the Psychical Research In Channeling Knowledge Society (PRICKS) the void can exclusively reveal the first interview with Josef Stalin since his death … read on to see into the mind of one of the world’s worst ever dictators…

Interview with Stalin

The Void: Good evening

Stalin: Is it?

The Void: You seem troubled, can we help?

Stalin: I am very depressed, things in the world, they are troubling me so much

The Void: I’m sorry to hear that, could you explain

Stalin: I feel that my achievements are being overlooked da. I hear that bastard Hitler’s name all the time, but me the greatest mass murderer of all time, I barely merit a history lesson these days, I mean for a start, I was the greatest dictator of them all, not that little runt, he didn’t even have a decent moustache, and his breath stank

The Void: Well it’s true you were responsible for many deaths

Stalin: Millions, of course, but my cause was just, not some esoteric mumbo jumbo like him, coming on like a bad David Icke, I mean please, have you read any of that crap, ascended masters, philosophers stones, the guy was a fruitcake da?

The Void: I see, and what was your cause?

Stalin: All that nonsense about purity, only the state needs to be pure, the masses, they are just numbers, but a beautiful golden state, purity of government leads to purity of people

The Void: So all those people who died during the famines and the purges, that was to purify the state

Stalin: Exactly, I knew you’d understand, because the state is the people, and if a few who are weak, or off message fall by the wayside, then that’s all part of the plan da!, surely you in Blair’s Britain must understand that by now

The Void: Would that be the five year plan?

Stalin: Of course, although it could be a ten year plan, or fifteen, but multiples of five only, that’s very important

The Void: I see, but are you sure you’re not just bitter about Hitler invading Russia

Stalin: We kicked that little shit out of Russia for good and he knows it

The Void: But many Russian soldiers died

Stalin: Pah! Mere statistics, his precious army were defeated because they got cold, can you imagine, the master race, beaten by a bit of bad weather – a spell in the Gulag would have toughened them up da?

The Void: It’s true he never reached Moscow

Stalin: Of course, and you know damn well who won the war, not you damn limeys, or those capitalist pigs across the ocean, but still you pretend in your stupid films that your pissing about in France had anything to do with it, and it’s not like they ever thanked you da .. but never forget, we held Berlin for almost 50 years,

The Void: But no longer, how do you feel about that?

Stalin: Those East Germans were always complaining about some damn thing, not enough bread, no cigarettes, we always made sure they had vodka but they were never happy, in fact it all just seemed to make them angrier. Let them live out their vicarious existence and die of heart attacks like big fat pigs when they are fifty, it’s all they ever deserved, we tried to help them

The Void: So the collapse of the Soviet Union didn’t bother you?

Stalin: Of course it did, that stupid little bald man, with the god knows what on his head, he has a lot to answer for, the freak

The Void: You mean Mikhail Gorbachav?

Stalin: Yes, that was his name, you know he works for the Americans now, some say he always did da..

The Void: But surely the end of the cold war made the world a safer place

Stalin: Who’s safe while the tentacles of capitalism tie the world in knots, but have no fear Russia will be back

The Void: So do you think Russia’s problems are coming to an end

Stalin: Of course, our time is coming, the great mother nation will rise again, and one day I will be revered as a great leader and you in the west will weep at our glory. And we will rekindle our alliance with China as well you know, I have some good friends over there these days, and they tell me that they could buy and sell those Yankees three times over these days ha ha..

The Void: Well you and Mao did go back a bit

Stalin: Ahh Mao Tse, what a guy, always such an individual you know, I miss them all

The Void: So what do you make of the current political situation?

Stalin: Well the war on terror is a myth of course, one day we will give you a real war and your swine blood will run down the streets like rivers. And we still haven’t forgotten Afghanistan either, perhaps we shall start our great new offensive there da?

The Void: So you still don’t support Bin Laden then?

Stalin: Well, he makes me laugh, he’s a real showman you know, always game for a laugh, but the mujahadeen will remain our enemies, just like they remain yours now ha ha, you really, how you say … oh yes .. fucked that up da … ha ha

The Void: And Bush?

Stalin: He is a fool, like all the rest Reagan, Blair, Clinton, capitalist dogs, who will be hunted down … but that George Galloway, now I can see he’s a man of vision, I should like to meet with him and discuss strategies, he even looks a bit like me don’t you think

The Void: That’s interesting, I’m not sure he’d meet you

Stalin: I like a man who knows how to earn a living da! There’s no money in politics these days, so many busybodies, but he found a way eh.. ha ha. British politics is at an interesting time, but the Respect party, I think I could find myself at home there, maybe lead them to victory, although they need a plan

The Void: A five year plan?

Stalin: Of course, what else

The Void: Finally do you ever see any of your fellow revolutionaries?

Stalin: I try and avoid them, Trotsky, well he’s just so bitter and always drunk and as for Lenin, I heard he was farming goats in Kazhakstan, no way for a revolutionary to live. And Karl, I’ve bumped into him a few times, but the problem with Marx was that he never really understood my ideas, he always misinterpreted things. The poor man never had to lead you see, just like all those bothersome anarchists in the international, well I say to them you try running a country the size of Russia

The Void: Well I think they were coming from a different place weren’t they?

Stalin: Weren’t we all back then ha ha.. but people change, I bear no grudges

The Void: And do you have any regrets?

Stalin: I’ve had a few, but there’s one thing I know for certain

The Void: Yes

Stalin: I did it myyyyyyy waaaaaaaaay


2 responses to “World Exclusive .. The void Interviews Stalin

  1. This interview is actually written by a very ignorant person. for one, before publishing something like that, it is important to learn a bit about history, and not just rely on rumors. I bet that the person who had written this knows nothing about the history of the former Soviet Union. Josef Stalin is not the greatest person who ever lived, but he is certainly responsible for winning the WW2. He also pulled the country — Russia — out of the worst turmoil. this was a country that was plagued by hunger, poverty, and anarchy. Stalin, as paranoid as he was, was still a great leader, who governed the country for thirty years. And what is with that “da” all the time? Is the author actually pretending to understand Russian with that little word? The piece would be humous, had it not been so damned pathetic.

  2. our first stalinist!

    come in, have a biscuit

    oh sorry we’ve run out

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