18 responses to “test

  1. Testing testing 1-2-3

  2. 7-8-9

  3. sorry folks, did this send an email out, didnt think it would because I slung it in the archive. still battling with trying to get Routledge’s tenant blacklisting video onto here somehow

  4. did we pass? 😉

  5. I blame IDS for all this test stuff..world revolution now!!

  6. Dong…Dong…Bring out your dead! 😛

  7. Received.

    James King

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    These tories are unbeliveable and their friends are worse and Jonny’s just testing his sanity!

  9. I love the 7 person rule. You can reach anybody in the world thru 7 people. Somebody you know will know someone who knows someone etc etc. The world is quite small.I have a sibling who lives in weston.
    I bet people all over those muddy beaches now know what a shit pot grasping lying windbag routledge is, and wouldnt rent off him if there house burnt down !

  10. I wouldnt rent a lock up garage off the chubby fingered prick, and if he wants to step outside about it, I have seen him, so thats Fine by me!

  11. ockletycockletywitch

    I consider myself tested … I think ….

  12. Linda Hansard

    Re Test

    Hi Still reading your informative and interesting posts, keep it up.

    You are a good guy and an inspiration to me. You give me hope that there is still people out there who care about the poor, the disables and the vulnerable in our society

    Big Thank you J

  13. john spendlove

    your test received

  14. Ham Radio Operator

    Roger… copy.. 🙂

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