Workfare Is Replacing Paid Jobs And The Tax Payer Is Funding It: Just Ask @BulkyBobsLtd

bulky-bobs-truckUPDATE: 14/11/14 Bulky Bobs say they are pulling out of workfare!  Top work to Liverpool IWW – a proper union.

A protest is planned in Liverpool outside the premises of waste collection firm Bulky Bobs after it was revealed that the so-called social enterprise are using workfare.

Bulky Bobs have a contract with Liverpool City Council to collect large items of household waste.  This is the kind of work which was once carried out by local authorities but is now outsourced to the private and voluntary sectors.  Bulky Bobs drive round in vans proudly emblazoned with the council’s logo.  But according to the Liverpool branch of the IWW Union, many of the people doing this work are not getting paid:

“[…] there is one paid manager in the store (who used to work for the company that is now LearnDirect which is one of the major ‘providers’) and the rest of the staff are on workfare or ‘volunteers’. Likewise, the connected company FRC (Furniture Resource Centre) has a warehouse on Brunswick Dock which runs on workfare, as do its vans which collect and deliver to Bulky Bobs.”

FRC Ltd, who own Bulky Bobs, say in this report (pdf), that they made 11 posts redundant in 2012/13, including operational staff. In a clear indication of workfare being used to replace paid jobs, in the same document they admit forcing people to work for no wages on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme.  Even more appallingly, they say they are receiving tax-payers money to go with their free forced workers.

FRC-workfareOf course they don’t admit this on their barely functioning shit website where they lie that placements are voluntary:


The IWW will be holding a protest outside Bulky Bob’s shop on London Road, Liverpool on Saturday 22nd November at 11am and have called on people to join them.  Please help by sharing the facebook page and in the meantime everone’s piling in on twitter

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Millionaires Threaten Protest March If They Have To Pay A Little Bit Of Tax


Following the cringe-making intervention of a hasbeen comedian, now posh twats are threatening a protest over any future mansion tax calling it a ‘humanitarian’ issue.

An article in the Ham and High newspaper reveals that Hampstead millionaires may even be planning a march against the proposed tax – although for now they have settled on a petition to the Labour Party.

One dismayed toff, art dealer James Butterwick, claims he may even have to close his – by invitation only – art gallery where he stores his collection of “museum quality paintings with flawless provenance.”  Is your heart bleeding?  Mine fucking isn’t.

Of course Butterwick is most worried about his dear old mam who lives in a house worth a mere £4 million and can’t afford to pay any more tax*.  Yet according to Butterworth’s linkedin page, his family could afford to send him to Eton College.

Hundreds of thousands of households are currently under threat of losing their home since the introduction of the Bedoom Tax.  Just down the road from Hampstead, young mothers are being socially cleansed from the capital due to the Benefit Cap, soaring rents and the desperate shortage of social housing.  The response from the rich has been to openly mock or turn their backs.  Yet now they expect us all to take their whining seriously just because someone has suggested they actually make a fair contribution towards the public services they depend on.  This is the real something for nothing culture.  They want the hospitals, the police, their bins emptying and the tree-lined streets.  But they don’t want to fucking pay for it.  That’s why they only pay a tiny fraction of their wealth in Council Tax compared to the rest of us.

Labour’s proposed mansion tax doesn’t go anywhere near far enough.  It is true it affects more people in London, but that’s because London has lots of rich people.  And London has a lot more poor people and many of them don’t have a home at all.  There are no Hampstead millionaires planning a protest march about that.

If you’ve heard enough from the arrogant rich join the Poor Doors demo tomorrow (Wednesday 12th November, 6pm 1 Commercial St, E1) which could see the biggest and most boisterous turn out yet after last week’s vindictive arrests.  Then on November 22nd head to Fitzroy Square to tell Griff Rhys Jones to fuck off if he doesn’t want to pay a little bit of tax on one of his mansions.  Class War will be announcing the details of their own Mansion Tax policy at this event.  Let’s make the rich feel uncomfortable for a change.

*It is hard to believe that anyone living in a £2 million pound house is actually that poor.  There is an easy solution however to the so-called problem of older people who have low incomes  but are living in houses that have increased sharply in value.  The handful judged to be in genuine need could pay the tax in the form of equity on their houses, to be recovered from their estates when they die.  Then they’d have nothing to complain about.  Alternatively they could take in a lodger or try and work a few more hours, the advice given by the government to people facing the Bedroom Tax.

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Take The Class War To Iain Duncan Smith’s Front Door … It’s Time For The Reckoning


Iain Duncan Smith is hosting a Jobs Fair at Chingford Assembly Hall, Station Road, Chingford, E4 this Friday November 14th.  Class War will be welcoming him from 10am and are planing to make a day of it.  Speakers including the future Chingford MP Marina Pepper, – the local Class War candidate – along with John McArdle from the Black Triangle campaign are expected to speak at noon.  Expect vengeance.  Please spread the word and help make this big.

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Burning Boris Sparks Arrests At Poor Doors Demo

poor-doorsTwo people were arrested last night after an unprovoked attack by police on a lively and good-natured protest against the notorious ‘poor doors’ in London.

Around a hundred people gathered outside the swanky entrance of 1 Commercial Street – a luxury block of flats with a handful of social housing properties included.  A weekly demonstration has been held outside the building ever since it emerged that the tenants living in social housing are forced to use a different door to the toffs occupying the posh flats.

Last night’s protest saw an effigy of London Mayor Boris Johnson burst into flames whilst an angry mob chanted “Burn Boris Burn”.  A heavy police presence looked on, but the mood remained jovial and defiant as people waved sparklers, whilst occassional red flares added some Bonfire Night pizazz.  After Boris was reduced to a pile of simmering embers, a clearly amused member of the fire brigade tipped water over the Mayor’s remains after instructions from police.

The protest, as on previous weeks, was scheduled to end at 7pm.  At around five to seven, just as things were starting to wind down, police lurched into the crowd grabbing several of the fantastically named Class War Women’s Death Brigade who were dancing with a banner.  Their target was Jane Nicholl, a member of the group and long standing supporter of the Poor Doors protest.  Despite valiant attempts from the crowd to release her, Jane was bundled into the back of a police van which was then promptly surrounded by protesters shocked at this senseless and unprovoked arrest.  Police reinforcements soon arrived and punchy coppers with dogs began to push protesters away leading to one more person being detained.

The arrest of Jane Nicholl, who was refused her medication and threatened with ludicrous arson charges, reveals a sinister pattern of events.  The only previous arrest at the these protests was of her partner and anarchist blogger Ian Bone, a high profile member of Class War who helped to instigate the demonstrations  It appears that the police are trying to force people off the streets by targetting and arresting those they have decided are ring leaders.  The only possible response to that is for as many people as possible to get down to next week’s Poor Doors protest and show the bastards we will not be intimidated.

Both Jane and the other person arrested were finally relased in the middle of the night.  Freedom Bookshop have issued a call for witness statements to help with any upcoming court cases.

Please helps spread the word: Poor Doors Demo, every Wednesday, 6pm, 1 Commercial Street, E1, next to Aldgate East tube

Pic: Guy Smallman

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Griff Rhys Jones Is A Joke That’s Not Funny, Let’s Make Sure He Fucking Knows It


Fitzroy Square, that Griff Rhys Jones says was a slum until he moved in.

This rich often conceal their arrogance and sense of entitlement under a cloak of humility or even fake concern for the normal people whose work and money funds their lavish existence.  But not Griff Rhys fucking Jones whose recent comments about the proposed mansion tax reveal the ugly face of greed and privilege.

Most people under 35 probably don’t have a clue who he is.  He rose to fame as the one who wasn’t funny on the BBC’s satirical Not The Nine O’Clock News Show in the 1980s before going on to become comedian Mel Smith’s sidekick in a series of boring television shows.  Now he seems to have one of the weird deals that vaguely famous smug twats get with the BBC where all they have to do is go on holiday and the station will send along a licence-payer funded camera crew and pay them vast sums of our money for doing fuck all.

Despite this gilded existence he never stops whining.  In his latest outburst he whinges that he will move abroad if any tax is introduced on his luxury central London home that he says was a slum when he moved in 15 years ago.  They really think this way.  If they move into a mansion that could do with a lick of paint then they think then they are hard done by, like a poor person.  Never mind that he also owns a huge property in Suffolk that he never stops complaining about either. 

Of course what he’s really pissed off about is that he’s made millions out of  London’s soaring house prices and now might have to pay a meagre tax on his windfall.  The same housing boom that has made much of the capital unaffordable for normal people who unlike Griff actually have to work for a living.  He just expects money to keep falling from the sky.  This is the kind of swaggering audacity that has seen the rich dragged from their beds and murdered in more enlightened periods of history.

If Gryff Rhy Jones had been born on a council estate he’d probably be a junior manager at some Wonga branch now, taking out his bitterness on the staff he considers beneath him because they earn 50p less an hour than he does.  That’s if he managed to climb that high.  He’s quite likely to have ended up sitting in Wetherspoons all day boring people shitless with his embarrassing attempts at being funny and trying to blag a pint off anyone unlucky enough to sit down next to him.

But instead he went to public school and then Cambridge ensuring that even someone of his mediocre talent could rise through the media elite to become a very rich man.  Its about who you know and how much money you’ve got, not what you know in his world.  It’s certainly not about what you do, because Griff Rhys Jones hasn’t actually done very much at all.  Yet he still gets to lecture us from the pages of The Daily Telegraph where he says he says he’s not going to ‘squeal’ just because that’s what people want from the rich.

It’s time to make an example of someone.  If Griff Rhys Jones doesn’t like it here then he should fuck off as quickly and quietly as possible.  Or better still be deported.  Until he goes he should be reminded every single day what people think of over-privileged self-entitled parasites like him.  We don’t want you Griff.  And neither does anyone else.

The newly energised Class War have called a demo in Fitrovia Square on  Saturday November 22nd from noon where they will be calling on Griff Rhys Jones to fuck off. 

In the meantime tomorrow’s Poor Doors demo outside 1 Commercial Street, London E1 has a bonfire night theme.  Others are planning fun and games in central London.  Help this year’s Guy Fawkes Night go with a bang and get out on the streets.

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On 30 Grand A Year With A Couple Of Kids? Then You Aren’t Paying A Penny Towards The Social Security Bill

osborne-toffGeorge Osborne’s tax breakdown reveals that a medium income family with a couple of kids receives more in what the government calls ‘welfare’ than they pay in income tax towards the social security bill.

The Treasury is to send out statements on government spending to every household in the country as part of a crude attempt to outrage tax payers by showing how much public spending goes towards benefit claimants.  But what the figures show is that many of those tax payers are actually scrounging themselves.

When the Treasury say ‘Welfare’ they mean Child Benefit, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA and its replacement PIP), out of work sickness and disability benefits, Carer’s Allowance, Income Support for Lone Parents and a range of smaller benefits.  It also means those on the dole – which represents just 3% of the total spend.  A significant amount of Housing Benefit and DLA goes to pensioners, along with those in work.  Many people claiming Child Tax Credits are working, and all of those claiming Working Tax Credits.  Child Benefit goes to everyone with kids, except for very high earners.  Even some people claiming the dole may be working part time.

Using this definition of welfare, we are almost all net beneficiaries unless we are reasonably well off.  A family with two children and an income of £30,000 a year will receive £1770.60 in Child Benefit payments annually.  This is higher than the amount a family earning this sum contributes to ‘welfare’ – which the Treasury says is £1663.  Depending on this family’s cirucmstances, they may also be eligible for Child Tax Credits of around £1000 a year.  Suddenly the word scrounger doesn’t look so attractive.

Even someone non-disabled and without kids is still getting good value out of the Welfare State.  Private insurance against sickness, disability or unemployment is eye-wateringly expensive and doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of cover as social security benefits.  The welfare state is good value for everyone except the very rich.  That’s why the very rich want to take it away.

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Meet Richard A. Montoni – The Five Million Dollar Maximus Boss Here To Fleece The UK’s Benefits System

No wonder the cunt’s smiling.

Richard A. Montoni – the boss of US firm Maximus who will soon be carrying out the despised assessments for sickness and disability benefits – received a salary and compensation package worth over a staggering five million dollars in 2013.

Maximus specialise in outsourced government contracts.  They already run Iain Duncan Smith’s disastrous Work Programme in some parts of the UK, along with a new scheme to harass people on sick leave by declaring them fit to return to work on the back of a short phone call.  As well as operating in the US, Canada and Australia, Maximus also have a welfare-to-work contract with the Saudi Arabian government – where women are segregated in the workplace and forbidden from carrying out many jobs.  From March next year they will take over from Atos running the Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) designed to strip benefits from sick or disabled people.  These crude computer based tests have caused horrifying suffering and led to homelessness, ill health and tragically even suicides as people with serious health conditions are found fit for work and left without enough money to eat or keep the heating on.

Montoni is not the only one benefiting from a huge salary at the expense of tax payers around the world.  Maximus have been criticised in the US after it was revealed their top excecutives received compensation packages of $41,808,585 between 2008 and 2012.  According to Forbes, Montoni himself received a salary and share packages worth $5,136,321 in 2013.  With that kind of money on the table is it any wonder they have the morals of sewer rats?

Montoni is a hands on kind of boss, recently appearing in a DWP press release congratulating himself at swindling the UK government into handing him millions of pounds of our money.  The WCA contract is expected to be worth around half a billion, a chunk of which will end up in his pocket.  Whilst the Government this week attempts to stir up hatred towards asylum seekers fleeing war zones, here they are handing a fortune to some American fucking Dallas   reject who doesn’t even live in the UK.  Hate this smug bastard, because it is the rich who are stealing the world, not the poor.

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