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Defence chiefs large it up whilst soldiers die

New figures reveal that Defence chiefs have spent £730 million on meals, hotels and taxis whilst on the front line troops are denied vital life saving equipment. This figure includes £800,000 spent on servants for blue-blooded civil servants who fly first class and enjoy the finest luxury on offer whilst working class folk die from being transported around war zones in fucking Land Rovers.

We may not like these wars, we may not agree with the wholesale slaughter of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of civillians in endless wars to help the rich stay rich. That doesn’t mean that every death on the frontline from any side isn’t a tragedy, and in the UK often the result of people being suckered into signing up at an age when they’re not even eligible to vote.

Meanwhile the ruling class, just like they always did, live a life of luxury whilst the working classes die in their name.

To call for mutiny is seditious so we won’t.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – update

Just a quickie, but worth a mention, that the cop accused of being an agent provocateur by George Galloway is denying everything and seeking legal advice.

“It wasn’t me, I’m taking legal advice.”

Of course he would say that wouldn’t he.

We’re loving it at the void because this one’s a winner either way. Either Inspector Chris Dreyfus was at the demo encouraging people to ‘kill the pigs’, which would be a giggle and doubtless see a copper forced to fall on his pork sword.

Or Galloway will be exposed as the lying, manipulative bastard that he is. Which would also be a bit of a giggle and not before time. We’ll keep you posted.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – Part 2

One rule for the the rich …

The news that kids who live in Housing Association accommodation have been banned from playing out in the street on an estate in Surrey is not particularly shocking as Britain comes ever closer to a police state.

Under-15s on the Hamptons estate in Worcester Park, Surrey are forbidden from being out on the street after 9pm or from gathering in groups of more than three.  Any breach of this order may result in their parents being evicted by Thames Valley Housing Association.

Meanwhile posh kids in privately owned homes on the same estate are free to do as they please.  The leafy estate has several homes costing up to a cool £600k and the Housing Association appears to have decided that the middle-classes must be protected from the great unwashed no matter what the cost.

So the kids in social housing are now forced to sit indoors whilst their chinless neighbours prance about at all hours.  One Thames Valley resident, speaking in the Daily Mirror said:

“It’s outrageous that children can’t play in groups of four or more.

It means my  two kids can’t knock for their neighbours and play football together.

They have no freedom just because we can’t afford to buy a house. It breaks their hearts to see children on the other side of the estate out playing.

We suffer because the estate management are worried about upsetting rich house owners.”

… and some naive fools claim that class no longer matters in the UK.

Accidentally Saluting Israel

We were at this Sunday’s Salute to Israel march and rally, but completely by accident. The nearly five year old has been learning about Van Gogh at school so we decided to take a trip to the National Gallery to see the Sunflowers.

Arriving at Trafalgar Square to see it flooded with Israeli flags with old bill and FIT everywhere was a bit of a shock. By the time we arrived the Samba Band were making some noise in a pen, although some reports suggest that they had been subjected to violent attacks by Israeli nationalists earlier in the day. Apparantly the fountains were also died red, we didn’t notice, and several Palestian flags dotted the outskirts of the Square.

Apologies to anyone who saw us and we didn’t say hello to, but I really didn’t fancy a police escort for our purely edukashional mission. In fact we managed to avoid the FIT right up until we left the Gallery. As we left they spotted us and you could almost hear the whirring of their tiny brains as they contemplated what I’d been up to with the soon to be five old and why exactly I was clutching a postcard of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Plans to get out of the general vicinity as soon as fucking possible were thwarted when the boy decided he needed the toilet. With several coppers now stalking ths steps of the Gallery the only option was to brave the mob and descend into the Square. Suspicious security kindly followed us to the toilet entrance, you could tell they were worried that suicide bombers seem to be getting even younger these days.

And whilst we were relieving ourselves then who should walk in but half the FIT team. Luckily, aside from a grunting ackowledgement of sorts from one of them, the rest ignored us. Turns out they were also there to obey the call of nature. Which was how I managed to find myself having a piss stood next to ZD 45. Did I have a sneaky peek?

… trust me there was nothing to see.

So the pic above isn’t ours but came from indymedia where the bickering, anti-semitism and rampant zionism will no doubt rage in the comments.

It’s really quite simple. The Israeli government are cunts and the occupation is a cunt’s trick. Hamas are also cunts, although they are cunts armed with shonky missile launchers rather than a full scale nuclear defence and a huge conscript army. Meanwhile Israelis and Palestians suffer everyday at the games their leaders play.

That said, until Israel ends the occupation, don’t expect anything to change, any time soon.

Meanwhile, to lighten the mood, here’s a pic that was more reflective of our day of political inactivism:

Viva España!

We don’t talk football on the void much, but rarely have a team so richly deserved to win the European Championship. Having played every other team off the pitch we salute Spain who are enjoying their first win in a major competition in over 40 years.

There’s more to life than politics.

66p Too Much

White Ace Cider … better value than the Queen

The price of the Queen has risen by 4 pence in the last year to a shameful 66p per person, that’s 40 million quid a year to fund the lifestyle of one of the world’s richest women. Palace lackies claim that this due to Prine Andrew jetting around the world, presumably to get away from the old trout.

We reckon the true cost is much more. All those blokes in daft uniforms hanging around Westminster whose elite military training seems to have gone towards teaching them to stand very still and not smile when surrounded by hordes of gawking tourists. Then there’s the shameful cost of flying half the RAF over London just because it’s her fucking birthday (and she has two, who the fuck has two birthdays) and the waste of valuable ink printing her face on the cover of every fucking postage stamp.

We don’t want to look at a picture of a miserable old cow every time we post a letter or go to the cashpoint.  Currency could show real British heros like Wat Tyler, Stanley Matthews and … er .. that bloke off the Halifax advert. And as for her fucking kids, what a shower of over-priviliged chinless arseholes who are not fit to run a kebab shop let alone pretend to run a long gone empire.

Diana wasn’t murdered by the state, she faked her suicide to get away from the fucking kids. The French had the right idea over 200 years ago but it seems we still haven’t caught onto the fact that we’re paying for a bunch of over-privileged wankers who are good for nothing more than shovelling caviar down their parasitic throats.

As for those who claim they make us a fortune in tourism, well we say this:

The public execution of the Royal Family would be the most watched piece of TV ever and the DVD sales would keep the price of maintaining Buck House as a public park and hostel for London’s homeless for donkey’s years.

Meanwhile the QE2 should be used to send the rest of the aristocracy into the middle of the Atlantic, where the Royal Jet would fly headlong into the hull piloted by a drugged (no change there) Boris Johnson.

The Crown jewels could then be melted down to create a giant gold guillotine which could stand on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square as a reminder of the costliest farce in British history.

And after that onto that other shameful scourge on the British working class, the Palace of Westminster.

And when we’ve finished with that lot we can all go down the pub and raise a glass to a brave new dawn in British society.

At least until the Americans invade.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – Part 2

Well we asked for an image of Galloway from the front line , even saying we wouldn’t hold our breath and along come two at once. So Plod and Faceless in the comments, you both get a medal from Stalin and a free subscription to the void.

To the left is the pic from Plod, published on their Flickr site here with the comment:

“galloway out of his league. considering he called for the demonstration and defying the ban it was surprising not to see him chanting along with everyone else whilst he was at the front,(for about 5 mins). the whole time he looked bewildered and lost for words, probably one of the reasons i didnt here him say a single word even though everyone else was chanting anti-war and anti-police slogans. didnt matter, i saw him get pushed right to the front as if he was a human shield for the protester behind him. fuck off galloway. “

Which appears to confirm both the account given here and the one on Bone’s blog. And let’s face it, he does indeed look like he’s shitting himself.

However, in the interests of truth and justice the pic from Faceless may tell a slightly different story.

In this picture (from here) it appears Galloway has moved to the side of the crowd. Notice that the batons drawn are some way from Galloway and the copper nearest him actually looks quite bored. What was happening in the middle of the crowd is that hundreds surged forward all pushing towards the middle of the police line. This left maybe 50 or so people crushed with the only option to attempt to force back the barriers guarding police.

This was when things got interesting. As the batons came out and the barriers came down there was the usual frank and impassioned keep it spiky/fluffy debate being had by the protesters. What was absolutely clear is that the entire crowd, of several hundred people, were determined to force back the police line.

Some were happy to use their bodies in a display of non-violent force and nobly took the beatings from the batons. Others were a little more forthright. The crucial thing is this. Not just a handful of kids at the front wanted to force back the police and march down Whitehall, that was the intention of the entire crowd.

The STWC don’t want to admit this. They don’t want to admit that the demonstration disobeyed their orders and, perhaps disillusioned with the futility of previous events, decided collectively and autonomously to take direct action and attempt to force their way down Whitehall.

The STWC lost control of the demonstration. And they know it.

This does not invalidate some of the criticisms made of the police by the STWC and Galloway. But it does tell a quite different story to the one they appear to be attempting to represent.

So back to Galloway. We now have three different folk telling the same story. Galloway made his way to the front of the crowd, whether pushed, led or by his own volition, shit himself and scarpered. The second picture suggests he then approached the police line at the side, away from the action. Here there was plenty of space to move about with even bemused tourists engaged in banter with the old bill.

Contrast this with what Galloway actually says happened:

“I made my way to the front of the putative march and purely by chance found myself in the hottest spot of the confrontation which followed. I was trapped there for the best part of an hour and a half, unable to move forward, back or sideways. Consequently, I was both closer to and for longer exposed to the events as they unfolded.”

Which appears to be a bit of a porky.

This also renders his comments on the suspected porcine infiltrator, Chris Dreyfus, a little bit suspect:

“This man, to my direct knowledge, committed four criminal offences during the 30 minutes or so he stood next to me. First, he repeatedly chanted the arcane, antiquated Americana, “Kill the pigs!” This is a clear incitement to violence, indeed murder. If a Muslim demonstrator had been chanting it, say, outside the Danish Embassy, he would likely now be in prison. Secondly, he repeatedly (crushing me in the process) attempted to charge the crush barriers and the police line behind them. Thirdly, he repeatedly exhorted others so to do. Fourthly, he instructed a young demonstrator on the correct way to uncouple a crush barrier, which was successfully achieved and was subsequently thrown at the police, and was presumably one of the justifications for the deployment of a riot squad which eventually waded in to the protesters.”

According to one commentator on indymedia these claims, made in a letter written by Galloway to the Home Secretary, have disappeared already from his website. We can’t be sure of that because we picked it up from Socialist Unity, but are a little suspicious of the claim given Galloway hasn’t updated his website since January 2007.

It is interesting though that the letter doesn’t appear on either the Respect or the STWC website, nor has it featured in the National Press. Whether this is a sign of Galloway backtracking will become clear with time.

The original piece written in The Fail on Sunday is far more credible than Galloway’s account. But buried as it was in the femail section, this potential front page news story does not appear to have been followed up. Again we can only wait and see, but it’s a murky affair to be sure.

What is becoming clear is that like on so many occassions before Galloway has attempted to hijack the whole affair, giving a thoroughly distorted picture of events. The reasons for this are likely twofold: the first is Galloways incessent ego and delusion that he and he alone is the voice of anti-war resistance in the UK.

The second that the STWC want to deflect attention from what really happened that day. Which is that people took matters into their own hands and decided that the failed, insiped tactics of the STWC are no longer the way many people wish to resist this war.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail

Inspector Chris Dreyfus, Provocateur or peace protester?

A strange and mysterious story is rearing it’s head concerning the accusation last week in the Daily Mail that one of the protesters attempted to incite confrontation with the old bill was actually a police inspector.

Johnny Void writes:

Journo Yasmin Whittaker-Khan, writing in the Fail on Sunday last week, claimed that a man she saw inciting the crowd, yelling abuse at the police and shouting ‘pigs out’ was himself of a porcine nature, a fully serving police officer.

Now I was there, right at the front, and on reading the story smelt a rat. I saw no such person, and the slogans of choice began with the demand ‘Let us Through’, before lapsing into old favourite ‘No Justice, No Peace, Sack the Police’ amongst others. And let’s face a Daily Mail journo is hardly the most trustworthy of sources.

That said, just because I didn’t see it, didn’t mean it didn’t happen so I’m prepared to keep an open mind and see how the story develops.

What did happen was the crowd surged towards the fence guarding the police and the innocent Swappies at the back pushed folk further into the fence creating a crush on the front line. Tensions heightened until eventually out came the batons and down (and up and over in some cases) came the fence.

None of this disproves the allegations made and if nothing else the Daily Fail vs the London Met is a good ‘un so the void will keep an open mind.

Step forward narcissistic wannabe George Galloway. Around the same time as the article being printed Galloway was writing to the top cop Ian Blair complaining that the police:

“behaved with a viciousness and lack of control such as I have not witnessed since the miners strike of 1984-85.”

Which shows how little Galloway has been involved with street political action over recent years.

He goes on to say:

“I made my way to the front of the putative march and purely by chance found myself in the hottest spot of the confrontation which followed. I was trapped there for the best part of an hour and a half, unable to move forward, back or sideways. Consequently, I was both closer to and for longer exposed to the events as they unfolded.”

Now sorry George but this simply isn’t true. As Ian Bone’s blog reports:

“A young comrade told me ‘ I linked arms with Galloway and pushed him involuntarily at the police lines – he was dumb with terror before his minders extricated him’.”

Now I didn’t actually see this either, what I did see was Galloway making his way to the front of the crowd (albeit still a good few lines back) just as things were starting to get lively. He could well have been accompanied by a noble young class warrior because I could only see the top of his head.

Smiling at the thought of Galloway mgetting a pounding on the front line where things were hotting up nicely I turned my head back to the police lines, just for a few seconds. When I turned back to check on Galloway’s progress he was nowhere to be seen.

He’d scarpered, legged it, chickened out, vamooshed.

Which doesn’t explicitly confirm what Bone’s comrade told him, but it certainly supports it.

Galloway’s letter reeks of an attempt by the Stop the War Coalition’s to undermine the autonomous action taken by some determined to show their anger at the State sanctioned visit to London of a notorious war criminal.

Step forward another week and now Galloway jumps on the agent provocateur bandwagon. Out he comes and names the so called police protester as the laughing boy pictured above, one Inspector Chris Dreyfus.

Galloway claims the Dreyfuss amongst other things:

“instructed a young demonstrator on the correct way to uncouple a crush barrier, which was successfully achieved and was subsequently thrown at the police, and was presumably one of the justifications for the deployment of a riot squad which eventually waded in to the protesters.”

Now I was there so I find it hard to know how exactly Galloway knows this, when put quite simply he wasn’t there. It’s also not true that the riot cops waded into protesters, it was very clear it was their job to hold the line at Whitehall by any means necessary. What actually happened was the crowd autonomously made a decision to confront another police line which had formed at the top end of the Square.

Tactically this didn’t particular work, although in fairness it was largely all over bar the shouting. It was only later when most people had drifted off down the boozer that police snatch squads moved in to make arrests.

Now whilst police provocoteur wouldn’t surprise me neither would Galloway hijacking this story for his own self-serving agenda. He’s got form for that kind of thing, like, as an example, hijacking the entire anti-war movement to further his own political ambitions.

void disclaimer number 1: In the heat of the action sometimes you miss things and everyone brings home a different story, so some may disagree with the specifics. I also left the front of the crowd confronting the police for a brief period (off licence innit) but after returning from trusty Tescos less than a minute away I remained to watch what was going on to return to the front.

In any event this was long after Galloway’s brief appearance, the fence was pretty much down by then and whilst a few hardy souls were still having a bit of a pop it was largely all over bar the shouting. But if anyone out there has a picture of Galloway on the front line then I’d love to see it. I won’t be holding my breath.

void disclaimer number 2: This story in no way is intended to support the actions of the Metropolitan Police who viciously attacked and wounded several protesters unnecessarily. The police, not unlike Gorgeous George and his band of cronies, are cunts.

Galloway, Fake Protesters and the Daily Mail – Part 2

They’re Poisoning the Water to Make us Docile!

Yep, we’re getting conspiratastic on your asses with the news that the UK Government is intent on expanding the use of fluoridation of the water supply. The ever handy schnews this week reports that Health Secretary Alan Johnson has made it clear that he is keen to have fluoride added to the whole UK water supply as soon as possible.

Now looking into the risks of water fluoridation is a bit like researching little green men. Many of the websites out there getting hot and bothered about this are also concerned the the Government is reading our minds through the television and beaming our private thoughts straight back to the Draconis Constellation in preparation for the upcoming invasion.

Which our illuminati friends tell us is a load of bollocks.

And whilst at least two studies have shown that fluoride consumption has a correlation with low IQ, what is known for sure is that water fluoridation appears to have no effect on rates of tooth decay compared to areas where this practice is not carried out. This is the reason almost all other European countries have dropped the practice.

Fluoridation does however provide a handy source of disposal of fluoride which is a by-product of several industrial processes and would usually be regarded as toxic waste.

Then there’s the little question of civil liberties, not something UK PLC takes particularly seriously although more level headed folk question whether compulsory medication is actually acceptable in a free country (stop giggling at the back).

What’s of far more relevance to most people is the rising prices of this essential service. the void has heard of at least two people on benefits paying a whopping 7 quid a week for water and regularly receiving frightening and harassing letters from arch-cunts Thames Water threatening them with all manner of cruel and unusual punishment should they be unable to pay.

Now to many well heeled internet users (we know you’ve all got fucking jobs in the media) then that may not seem too much of a big deal. But to those on benefit or bringing up kids on a low incomes (ie most of us) it’s a very fucking big deal indeed. With single persons benefit standing at a poxy £60 a week then that represents over 10% of their weekly income.

With the blood sucking gas and energy companies taking an ever increasing percentage of that it leaves precious little for that other vital resource, namely food.

There is some good news in all this. Firstly, whilst they may, and in some cases still do, threaten to cut off your water supply this was made illegal in 1999. This doesn’t mean they can’t pursue you through the courts, and sometimes will, but it can certainly keep the wolves from the door for a while, until you manage to make an agreement of paying them back tuppence a week plus the shirt off your back.

So if you move regularly then you can get away without paying water changes for years*. The other piece of goodish news is that water bills can be queried through the water ombudsman who’s website can be found here.

Back to poisoning the water supply, several local groups have already been set up to fight just that. One of them can be found at:

*void disclaimer, whilst we may be a bunch of crooks we have never claimed to be financial advisors. If you’re being harassed by water companies then maybe, if you can find them, Citizen’s Advice are usually pretty good on debt issues.

Smash the BNP … yawn

OK, we guess there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with marching against the BNP. Was just that the Love Music Hate Racism march we found ourselves on yesterday (accidentally as it goes) all just felt a bit pointless.

The trot dominated affair had all the usual suspects and the typical air of self importance and whilst the motive was righteous it was very much a case of preaching to the converted. You have to wonder if the same energy had been put into fighting for real working class issues likes housing and low pay then the BNP might not have the position they now occupy at City Hall.

Still we drank some beer and took some photos, the trucks on sound systems were lively enough and then we went and checked out the tent city in Parliament Square, erected to protest against the deportation of people to Iraq.

Someone misjudged the turn out …

Holding hands for Jesus

The trots again incorrectly call the BNP nazis. The correct term is cunts.

Tent city