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Stop the Red, White and Blue Festival

The mobilisation against the BNP’s Red, White and Blue festival due to be held in Derbyshire later in the year grows stronger everyday.

Anti-fascists have organised a demonstration at the licencing hearing which is due to be held on June 10th at the Council Chamber, Ripley Town Hall from 7pm. Meanwhile a website has been set up to provide updates on plans to stop these boneheads having their annual piss up which generally ends in the leadership of the right wing muppets beating each other up.

Stay up to date at:

Kollerstrom lies again

Our favourite holocaust denier and ex-UCL Research Fellow has been spouting his mouth again this time apparantly denying that he’s a holocaust denier. The fetid muppet recently featured on an English language Iranian TV station (no bias there then) to spout his uninformed nonsense about the holocaust.

Shortly after the Jerusalam Post ran a piece criticising his barmy stand point, and lo and behold up pops Kollerstrom in the comments claiming:

Sir, – I’d be grateful if you could refrain from misquoting me as saying that the Holocaust did not happen.”

adding: I was putting forward (on the program you quote) a chemical argument, that … waffle waffle harrumph blah … It’s quite a limited conclusion I’m making, based on the permanence of the iron-cyanide in the walls.”

So in case anyone missed it let’s look at some of the things the old lizard has said:

Has the traditional Holocaust story developed merely out of rumours, misunderstandings, and wartime propaganda? “

The ‘Final Solution’ of Adolf Hitler retained a single meaning right through WW2, central to the program of ‘National socialism,’ and signified the deportation of Jews, generally eastwards to Poland and Russia. This program did not change at any point, e.g. the Wannsee conference of 1942, to signify deliberate extermination. If that practice ever happened, it was not a centrally-directed policy and did not involve gas chambers:”

The gas-chamber legend was born in December 1941″

The United Nations has now established its annual Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January, as of 2006. On this anniversary, we all need to mull over the faking of history and the Greatest Lie Ever Told.”

“As surprising as it may sound, the only intentional mass extermination program in the concentration camps of WW2 was targeted at Germans.”

So there you go, nothing to see, no holocaust denial there then, well perhaps a bit, but not much and in any event he was nowhere near Germany in 1942.

Kollerstrom’s wriggling is reminiscent of David Irving’s desperate back-tracking when he realised that the Austrians were serious about slamming his sorry ass in jail. If Kollerstrom fancies a Summer trip to Austria the void is more than willing to pay for his ticket, and we hear the Austrian’s themselves will kindly lay on accommodation.

For those not in the know, Kollerstrom came to our attendtion due to his connections with that crazy bunch of fruitackes the 911 Truth movement, who’ve sadly become a lot less amusing these days.

David Shaylor claiming to be jesus, now that was funny. This affair has all been a bit sad and desperate.

Go back to the gags about holographs eh folks.

Talking about cannabis … are they over?

All seems to have gone quiet over at which can only be a good thing.

The last update was almost a month ago when Debra was crowing about the proposed reclassification and threatening to set up treatment centres for kids who like a toke.  Why anyone would send their kid to a treatment centre run by a mad old harridan who thinks crystals will save the planet and has no clinical or therapeutic credentials is beyond us.  So if they go ahead then we’ll be there to help close ‘em down.

What’s more worrying is the fact that a woman who thinks crystals will save the planet seems to have more influence on the government’s drug policy than a team of scientists.

Our faithful but clunky google news alert hasn’t picked up any sign of Debra’s inane ranting in the right wing press for weeks now, so here’s hoping that Debra is officially yesterday’s news and this whole sorry saga can come to an end.

In fact Debs we’ll make a deal … if you stop talking about cannabis then we’ll stop ripping the piss out of you.  And you can take that daft website down as well – it’s over Debra, deal with it.

Carry on and we won’t rest until your entire organisation comes crashing down and you are finally exposed to the public ridicule and humiliation you so deeply deserve.

So folks, thanks for all the tip offs but lets leave them to die in peace.

As for Europe Against Drugs (EURAD).

We’re coming for ya!

Clarion call to smash the arms trade

New reaches us via urban 75 that Reed Exhibitions have finally pulled out of organising DSEi, Europe’s largest arms fair. An email making the rounds from Reed CEO Crispin Davies says:

“Last year we announced our intention to exit the defence exhibitions business, and I am pleased to inform you that the sale of these shows now concludes our withdrawal from the defence exhibitions sector.”

This has followed several years of protests from both anti-arms trade activists and academics who wrote for journals which were published by the company.

Whilst only a small victory, DSEi will still go ahead, it’s still a victory and shows that the years of protest in which many people were arrested have not been entirely in vain.

The arms fair will now be organised by Clarion Events – a bunch of bastards who are up to their necks in running shows for the oil industry. Seems they’ve moved forward in their quest to destroy the planet and murder millions.

Clarion are run by laughing boy Simon Kimble (pictured). For full contact details and addresses to tell them what you think of their most recent aquisition go here.

Poverty Pimps March On – A4E Close Local Law Centre

Hull’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) is set to close after the local council awarded a new contract for legal advice to corporate scumbags Action for Employment (A4E).

A4E are better known for harassing benefit claimants and providing low quality training on the government’s New Deal scheme. A racket which has made their founder, Emma Harrison, a multi-millionaire on the back of government contracts to bully some of the most vulnerable in society.

This new move of branching out into legal advice has angered the fine folk of Humberside with several protests being held at the closure of a popular community resource which has provided legal advice to 13500 people in the past year. 55 jobs are set to be lost.

No doubt to be replaced by identikit, poorly paid and under-qualified workers, most of whom are former benefit claimants bullied into being there so A4E can pick up almost 2 grand for finding them work.

The fact that staff rarely last in the job more than a couple of months is good business for A4E, once their former employees are back on benefit they can return to the organisation for yet more poor quality training and ‘job search’.

The appalling treatment of the people A4E call clients is matched only by their disgraceful treatment of their own workforce. One former staff member who worked in the now closed Camden branch told the void:

“I was quite shocked at the low salary I was offered which was a good 25% below what you’d expect to receive for a similar position, but I needed a job and foolishly took up the position. I was even more shocked to be told on my first day that telling any of my colleagues my salary was a sackable offence.

A few weeks in I realised why when after a few drinks after work I discovered I was actually the best paid person there, with many of my colleagues on little more than the minimum wage for skilled positions such as IT trainers.

I received no induction and scant support from a manager who was rarely present. I never received a contract. Although my working hours were 9-5.30 I was told that I was expected to be there at 8.30am ‘to prepare’. Lunch was half an hour, barely long enough to buy and eat food (if you could afford food) and there were no breaks.

The training being offered to the claimants was appalling bad and not at all relevant, even bordering on surreal.  18 year old inner London kids being trained on how to apply for a mortgage, or fresh graduates being forced to sit through adult literacy training.  Group sizes could be as large as 30 with many others floating around the building doing nothing at all. This was because A4E weren’t able to find work experience placements for people which left them forced to attend the offices for 30 hours a week and do precisely nothing.

I don’t think one of the people I was involved in training found paid work except for one guy who was co-opted to work for A4E under threat of benefit sanctions. Every client was supposed to have an ‘Individual Training Plan’ which was specifically tailored to their needs. I was therefore shocked when I was handed a photocopied training plan and told to copy it out for every single client.

As far as I could tell, every A4E client in the country, thousands of them, had the exact same ‘Individual Training Plan’. There was no computer access, one phone and a rag tag selection of out of date newspapers which were to be used for the clients to find work. Clients were not provided with any lunch and many were unable to buy it at Central London prices so most of them went all day without any food.

The final straw came for me when a new manager decided to illegally increase the clients time on the programme by two and a half hours a week, forcing them to attend the centre to do nothing for over the allotted 30 hours. No reason was given for this move which also increased the staff’s already punishing workload.

After making several complaints to my manager and encouraging clients to do the same on the A4E complaints line (which was never answered) I was sacked without any diciplinary hearing or prior warning.

I wasn’t sorry to leave.”

Carnival against the arms trade

Last Orders on the Underground!

Well it’s a shame that they didn’t have the guts to organise this when the tube booze ban was actually in force but we’ll give it a plug anyway.

Not that they need it with almost 7000 people thinking of attending on this facebook site already.

So for the last chance to have a legal piss up on the tube meet at Liverpool Street Station this Saturday at 9pm (clockwise, rear of train).

The interesting thing about this event is the general chinless wonderlessness of some of the organisers who are quick to stress it’s not a protest.  It’s all very jolly and middle class which leads us to wonder how many of them were in fact Boris voters.

Some seem to have been suckered in Boris’ faux libertarian stance, but the Tories don’t do libertarianism, not really.

Unless of course it’s the liberty of the bosses to fuck over and exploit the working class.

Boris Doubles Bus Fares for Poorest

In a move which only serves to heighten the true agenda of over-priviliged scumbag Boris Johnson it has been revealed that bus fares for the unemployed are set to double.

Boris, who’s probably never been on a bus in his life, has announced he will end the cheap oil deal with Venezuela which had subsidised cheaper fares for those on benefits.  Prices are expected to rise by August this year.

Boris claims that he is worried about the arrangement causing poverty in Venezuala, something vehemently denied by the Venezualans themselves.

We wonder what other services Boris will cut in his noble drive to eradicate international poverty.

Kelvin Mackenzie – where rage meets impotence!

Redneck commentator and famous social misfit Kelvin Mackenzie is set a launch a political party after having a bit of a barney with BT.

Mackenzie is angry and impotent and has vowed to stamp out the indignity of having to speak to foreigners in call centres and rising parking charges. As ever Mackenzie has honed in on the political issues that really affect hard working families such as the price of slim Panatellas and gay immigrants taking our women.

Not since Jeremy Paxman took Marks and Sparks to task with his now legendary underwear campaign has such an incisive political mind played out across the UK’s Mondeo driving classes.

A staggering 20 people have already signed up to support Mackenzie’s onslaught against corporate a tyranny, a tyranny he helped create.

But now, in echoes of that great conservative Darth Vadar, the brave class warrior will nuse his new found impotence to destroy corporations that don’t employ enough call centre staff.

Traffic wardens, social workers and chavs are said to be fleeing the country as Mackenzie’s red mist descends on Britain.

Or he might just have a few Stellas then slap the wife around for a bit.

Help my party fight morons like BT

America doesn’t play cricket

America doesn’t play cricket:
She has always refused to learn
Anything about the rules of fair play.

Someone living in a cave,
Looking oddly like W. G. Grace
Gave her a crash course in the game.

He bowled some bodyliners
Neatly demolishing the wicket
On an artificial pitch in New York.

He went on to score a near hat-trick that day.
For her breaches of Rule One of the game of life –
‘Do As You Would Be Done By’ – America was stumped.

Ignoring what lay behind this fast bowler’s fiery tactics
America then attacked another team altogether
Engaged in playing a quite different game.

“No one ever takes a thwack at me,” she snarled,
“God loves me much more than anyone else.
Because I’m the best at everything.”

She sent all the available umpires packing
Then bowled out over a million people –
Each one for a duck. Dead ducks.

Men, women, children and those as yet unborn
Would never be able to play any games
Of any kind with anyone ever again.

Unfazed, she chucks vicious bouncers at anyone in her way
From the 700 playing fields she has in 63 countries
Though she herself is unable to score.

America fondly hopes to find new people to challenge
But the clever teams are now refusing to play
Because she’s such a bad loser.

Since she invariably breaks the rules
Of any contest she enters, as if it’s her right,
Fate ensures she’s losing the toss whatever the game.

On 9/11 she lost the Weapons Game
Clean-bowled by box-cutters and plastic knives;
Shortly after, she was run out by the Money Game.

Instead of losing gracefully she tortures people to death
Until they give in and confess they dislike America –
Which counts as foul play in her book.

Despite her never learning the rules of cricket
She finds it galling as her innings is drawing to a close
With leaner and hungrier teams now striding up to the crease.

She gets an all-round sledging, facing mental disintegration.
Amateur pie-throwers see off whoever she puts into bat.
Her top players are defeated by every sticky wicket.

So she’s dying to open the batting for the Apocalypse
Hoping at last she may have found an all-American game
A game that’s played by her rules, and one she can always win.

Heathcote Williams