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School Strikes in Holland – Cops Attack Kids!

More footage on the school strikes spreading through Holland, it’s a bit wobbly so if it don’t work watch it here.

First FITwatch trial ends in NOT GUILTY verdicts.

Steve Discombe – appeared to order the arrests of the two protesters

“The second day of the trial of 2 protestors arrested outside ULU in Malet Street, ended with both defendants being found not guilty by a District Judge. The arrests of a woman and a 14 year old youth followed their attempts to obstruct the civilian cameraman, who was filming people as they arrived for a planning meeting for protests against the DSEi Armsfair which took place at the ExCeL centre in Docklands in September 2007.”

Could this see the end of the FIT teams?

more at indymedia

Hey coppers leave them kids alone!

Whilst things have gone quiet in France due to a massive police presence on the streets, encouraging news from Holland reveals that the kids are still revolting with tens of thousands of children walking out of school over the last few days.

The action started last Friday due to the government announcing the extention of the working week which will see kids workload stretch to 1040 hours per year. Some have suggested that the unrest is more due to kids being bored in lessons and lacking any say in their education.

The walk outs happened again on Monday when savvy kids contacted each other via msn and over teh interweb leaving almost every school in Holland affected.

When the kids made their point by pelting the Dutch old bill with eggs the police response was proportionate as ever with water cannons and baton charges.

One student said:

“Over 50 kids already have been arrested and a watercannon has been used next to my school to stop kids. It’s going mad here.”

The government is threatening to fine children who do not turn up to school, as well as imposing fines on the schools themsleves. Despite this more walk outs are planned for tomorrow.

Over 250 children have been arrested in the last week.

Here’s a youtube vid’ with some footage of the days fun.

Amazing high-school revolt in Holland

Squat Attacked by Rotty in Brighton

Three men who turned up wielding baseball bats and crowbars at a squat in Brighton were arrested for suspicion of criminal damage and threatening behaviour on Monday.

The men turned up with a Rottweiler in tow presumably in an attempt to illegally evict the squatters from two semi-detached houses in the Kingsway area.

Sam Jones, a 25-year-old squatter, said: “We heard them coming in so a few of us, including my girlfriend, barricaded ourselves in the bedroom.

“I was holding the door shut and they smashed it through with a crowbar, which cut my face and neck. There is a window at the side of the room and they smashed it to try and get in. One of them was kneeing the rottweiler in the head trying to wind it up and make it go for us.”

“My girlfriend was screaming.

It was terrifying. They said they would be back and we would be thrown out.”

The property is owned by the website-less Stranmede Ltd, a company only formed in March of this year with a registered address at 14 The Drive, Hove.

As ever they are hoping to turn the properties into yuppy flats.

Stranmede director David Martin appears to confirm his involvement in the events saying to local paper the Argus:

“I wasn’t there later on so I don’t know the details but I know there was some argybargy.

It is a lot easier for the police to arrest three men rather than a dozen squatters.

We have applied to the courts to evict these people and we expect they will be gone by next week.”

Martin might want to be wary of the courts however, given that he appears to be very much in the frame … attempted unlawful eviction anyone (6 months) or perhaps just conspiracy to cause criminal damage?

Some hope, given the Brighton old bill’s record of illegally evicting squats themselves.

Story via indymedia from the Brighton & Hove Argus

For all your squatting needs and legal rights go to

In a curious footnote, David Martin is the name occasionally used by the benevolent David Abrahams, the man who liked the Labour party so much he brought down the government (heres hoping). We can’t find anything to link the two parasites and reckon the David Martin in question is probably this posh fucker.

Come to this gig …

Shop the Police

With news below of bent cops living it up in the Met one police authority has decided to fight back and attempt to establish themselves as a legitimate operation.

Kent police have spent 10 grand to launch an online shop selling police related merchandise such as the delightful bib pictured. With prison suicides on the rise it’s good to see the boys in blue can keep a sense of humour about those they incarcerate. And at 9 quid for a baby bid or 8 quid for a police mug it seems that it’s the shops customers who are being robbed.

Although in this case they probably deserve it.

Kent residents are ‘shocked’, ‘outraged’ and ‘appalled’ with made up Dad-of-two Steve Morley saying in the Mirror:

“It’s beyond belief they can find the money for this but we never seem to see a proper copper round our way.”

Which sounds just fine to us. We suggest he visits his nearest market where the local Chief-Super is said to be raking it in knocking out pirate DVDs and smuggled in ‘baccy.

Crooked Cops in Credit Card Cash Bonanza

Fellow anarchist and entertaining blogger Ian Bone reports that anti-terrof chief Andy Hayman has blown thousands of pounds of Met money on ‘inordinate amounts of drinking’ with his police cronies with one claim for £15,000 expenses for drinks alone.

Bone also goes where others fear to tread, fingering former staff sergeant Heidi Tubby as the married officer’s bit on the side. Tubby accompanied Hayman on several business trips at the tax payers expense.

This story is only the tip of the iceberg however, according to the News of the Screws (we know) over 6 million is unaccounted for in a probe into the credit card usage of over 3000 officers.

Two anti-terror officers have been arrested so far — a detective constable and detective sergeant — alleged to have blown £70,000 on shopping, clothes and gifts to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Credit card embezzlement has become endemic in the Met according to some, largely due to failure to check credit card statements at the end of the month. One former officer has said:

“Whatever balance was on it was automatically paid off by the police, without checking whether it was for legitimate expenses,” he said. “When officers realised it was being automatically cleared they went ahead and made other purchases that were nothing to do with the police.”

One cheeky copper allegedly paid for his wife’s breast enlargement with a police Amex card.

So there you go folks, the real criminals are the ones wearing the uniforms.

In another story, this time highlighting the general lack of basic competence at the Met, it has been revealed that thousands of pounds have been wasted on forgetting to return hire cars which have been used for undercover operations.

One saloon is believed to have been gathering dust in Scotland Yard’s underground car park for six weeks at a cost of about £3,000.

Ian Blair, head of the Metropolitan crime syndicate has been keeping schtum on the above issues. Some believe he has the protection of the notorious and sinister GLA whose leader Ken Livingstone is believed to be behind the great Oyster Card scam and the brutal slaughter of thousands of pigeons.

Not FIT For Purpose

Photographer and voyeur Neil, courtesy of the fitwatch website.

“This week, two separate court cases will challenge the legality of police surveillance. Both cases involve two women who are accused of obstructing the police in the execution of their duty.

The women believe their cases have significant relevance in a week where the State has shown itself to be incapable of handling confidential data in a safe and responsible manner.

Emily Apple from Cornwall, was arrested at the recent Climate Camp for standing in front of a police cameraman who was attempting to take photographs of protesters at the camp.She is on trial at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on 27th November.

Valerie Swain from Cardiff, was arrested under similar circumstances outside a planning meeting to oppose the world’s largest arms fair. She is on trial at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on 29th November.

Both women will argue that the overt surveillance is intimidating and is illegal under Human Rights legislation.

Valerie Swain said: “It is unacceptable in any sort of free society that police are permitted to build up secret files on people who attend political meetings. I will argue they cannot possibly begin to justify the intrusion of privacy that has taken place.”

Emily Apple said: “The surveillance of the Climate Camp was intrusive and unnecessary. The police operation cost over £7 million. It is important to the future of political protest that we challenge this infringement of our basic human rights.”

Both women are available for interviews and photographs of the original arrests can be provided on request.

Emily Apple: emapple(at)
Valerie Swain: val.swain(at)

Court support and any FIT Watch activites are welcome at both trials.”

"We heard that they want to burn down City Hall"

The riots which started on Sunday night in Villiers-le-Bel spread to other Nothern Paris suburbs last night leaving over 60 coppers injured.

To date over a dozen buildings have been burnt down including a police station, a tax office and a school … hey teacher, you wanna leave them kids alone.

It has also emerged that one of those injured on Sunday was the the town’s police chief, who was “beaten in the face” according to French sources.

Folk on the ground say that these riots are far fiercer than the similiar wave of unrest that swept the city in 2005; several reports have claimed that a police officer has been injured by live rounds.

Many of the outer suburbs of France endure some of the worst poverty in Europe with a forgotten generation of immigrants growing up unemployed in slum neighbourhoods.

Even mainstream politicos seem to have some sympathy with the youths with the head of the opposition Socialist party, François Hollande, calleing the events the result of “a social and political crisis” and lamented the “climate of suspicion, of hate, that can exist in many neighbourhoods”.

“Promises were made. We want to see the results,” Hollande said on France-Inter radio. “How long have we been talking about a ‘plan for the suburbs?”‘

A video we found via indymedia shows the police losing control of the streets last night.

The kids are revolting …

Things are hotting up in France (literally in some place) with police braced for more riots following last night’s uprising in the suburb of Villiers-le-Bel.

One police station, a Mcdonalds and several buildings were left a la flambe last night after French cops were involved in a traffic accident which killed two local youths. Accounts of the accident vary with the old bill claiming that the teenagers crashed into their car … but then they would say that, wouldn’t they.

Meanwhile locals talk of the two being dragged over 20 feet by the police vehicle and of the officers involved fleeing the scene afterwards.

Omar Sehhouli, brother of one of the victims, accused police of ramming the motorbike and of failing to assist the teens:

“This is a failure to assist a person in danger… it is 100-percent a (police) blunder. They know it, and that’s why they did not stay at the scene,” he told France Info radio.

Sehhouli said the rioting “was not violence but an expression of rage”.

A few pics have appeared on indymedia