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Climate Change Largely Down To Al Gore

Those denizens of journalistic integrity at ABC News have revealed that the root cause of climate change may be down so self-styled eco-warrior Al Gore.

The environmental champions at ABC inform us that:

“the gas and electric bills for the former vice president’s 20-room home and pool house devoured nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006, more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 kilowatt-hours.”

Presidential failure and all round whinger Gore (whose wife Tipper organised the PMRC’s anti-hip hop and heavy metal censorship campaigns in the 80′s and 90′s, just out of random anti-authoritarian interest) has been keen on telling people to reduce their carbon footprint as they’re using up all his oil.

We tried to contact Gore for a statement however he was apparantly too busy supervising the tyre fire in his back garden.

Destroy DSEI

Europe’s largest arms fair, DSEI 2007, will be back in the London Docklands this September. A range of protests and action are being planned.

“In 2005, DSEi hosted 1,100 companies, 70 official military delegation and 20,000 visitors from across the globe. Many of the countries invited were at war, some with each other. Many were dictatorships with appalling human rights records. Many had huge national debts with populations in severe states of poverty and starvation”

More info at UK indymedia

That Stop the War March

We admit it, we had fun. The pangs of depression, hopelessness and despair didn’t manage to get us down this time round. We met lots of old friends. We got shitfaced. All in all a good day out.

And about as politically effective as drinking a load of lager on Piccadilly and collapsing into a heap.

Which is what we did.

The anarchist bloc was strong and encouraging, even though is remained flanked by cops as ever (particularly after an impromptu game of street football with a toy police helmet). But the spirits remained high and ultimately babylon failed to bite so we were left hanging around in the square listening to the dreary speeches.

Here’s some pics … and as ever .. we never said we were fucking photographers.

Carnivalistas brave the dark skies

a copcar captured by the anarchist hordes

Why are you called FIT when you’re not?

The anarchist bloc

Judging by the way he was rattling and the sheen of sweat over his face throughout the day, this usual suspect looked like he needed a drink more than us, there’s meetings you can go to you know … get some help eh.

He-Man Comes Out!

This Weekend at the Vortex

Saturday Night Benefit – Sat 24th Feb
Fundraiser for London Zine Symposium and Greek anarchists legal fees

Live music includes:

AndyFiction – Political melodic hardcore, Gordon Gano’s Army –
ex-No Substance and Pilger playing good folky pop punk, Naked Shit – “the world’s slowest black metal band”
Donation on the door (Suggested: £5/£3 concessions)

Then on Sunday:

“The Vortex have been a resounding success so far. On fund raisers we have hundreds of people, and when the café is open, it has been a precedence in community building. It lacks only one thing, that is political participation and activism. We never got around to define our goals and ambitions, something we should of done before we even opened. As a result, the space is not utilising it’s full potential. On Sunday, we are dedicating a day for figuring out how we can change this, and how we can mobilise a community to take charge of their lives and the world that surrounds them.”

The Vortex are calling for experienced activists and the curious to meet, exchange ideas and discusss strategies, more details can be found at

Posh Fash Throw Down Gauntlet

A group of hard right and ultra nationalist organisations have thrown down a gauntlet to the left by threatening to march on mayday demanding the right to an English parliament.

Their website at stays quiet on the subject of who is actually organising this event, although the few links on the site point to some usual suspects.

An English parliament may seem a relatively harmless distraction for those on the libertarian left who would rather see the end of any parliament whatsoever. It does seem however that some of those organising this march have a slightly more extreme viewpoint then they first let on.

The website for the event appears to be registered in the name of one Steve Garrett. Steve Garret is also the web chairman for the English Democrats Party, an English nationalist party not far removed from the BNP.

They wouldn’t agree, they are emphatic in their denials of racism, stating on their website:

“The EDP takes a hard line on anyone suggesting the English Democrats are racist and will seek legal remedy for anyone slandering the party in this way.”

So the racist fuckwits want to get legal on our asses, well we say go ahead. The poor old EDP seem unable to grasp the principle in British law that political parties cannot sue for libel as established by Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997) .

When this blogger accused them of being quasi-facists they were quick to threaten legal action until being forced into a gruelling climb down after reading up on the basics of libel law.

We won’t call them fascists here though, it wouldn’t be quite accurate.

One of the links on the EDP’s website points, an organisation which seeks to establish the English as an ethnic group and makes repeated references to the white race.

The mixture of conspiracy theory and vague esotericism, as well as downright paranoia on this site makes for a depressing experience. The Anglo-Saxon Society ask us:

“Why through TV are the Anglo Saxon/Celtic peoples portrayed as dysfunctional in all forms, derided in advertising as stupid, shown as killers and rapists in the soap operas in socially engineered lies to promote and reflect their own agenda to a gullible public ?”

There’s no answer to that and it gets worse. The part of their site devoted to the history of the ‘white race’ contains several chapters from a book called March of the Titans, “The complete and comprehensive history of the White Race”. This dodgy tome features several chapters on the second world war which read like a fawning eulogy to nazi Germany.

Holocaust denial is par for the course with these misfits as they state:

“All things said, to have been a Jew in Nazi Germany could not have been a pleasant experience: but, as the over 4.3 million claims against the post war German state from Jews who suffered as a result of this persecution, (by 1998 the German state had paid out over $50 billion in reparations), certainly far fewer died than what is most often claimed. Increasingly, all the evidence urges a complete revision of this aspect of the history of World War Two.”

Meanwhile one of the EDP’s spokespersons appears to argue for a tacit alliance with the England First Party (EFP). Speaking on the crossofstgeorge forums ‘English Democrat’ states:

“England first party – Working hard to get English Nationalist Councillors elected, is something that should be respected, even if specific areas of policy are not in line with the English Democrats views.

A National Council directive NOT to attack other English Nationalist parties was passed a few months ago by the English Democrats National Council.”

The EFP was formed by Mark Cotterill, former member of the National Front and one of the founder members of the BNP.

Back to the EDP, their policy on asylum seekers states:

“The UK should refuse to accept any further asylum seekers

In order to end the mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK, the UK must withdraw from the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.”

There is no mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK (currently around 15-20,000 applications per year) so what would motivate the EDP to lie about this other than out and out racism we can only guess at.

The EDP also demand:

“We call for the compulsory flying of the English flag, the cross of St George, on all state-maintained public buildings in England.”

Whilst that may seem a fascist policy to some we’d go further here at the void. Their obsessive English nationalism, promotion of weird esoteric views on race and culture as well as their dictatorial views on what it means to be English are far more akin to nazism than traditional economic fascism.

The other supporters of this mayday march appear to be equally repugnant. Whilst they try to hide their true colours under a mask of victimhood, unfortunately they don’t do it very well.

We Are The English appear to be linked to the organisers of this march. Their website recommends the English Independence Party, stating: “Well worth a look. The clues in the name…”

Policies of this party include:

“4.2 Reduced population of England (they don’t say how exactly)
We will bring about a reduction in the population of England from 50 million to less than 45 million people. This will reduce all our problems of congestion, including pressure for more new housing in our precious countryside.
We will allow NO MORE IMMIGRATION into England. We will enforce this by increasing the resources of the Customs and Immigration Service, using available military personnel when convenient.
4.4 Repatriation
Over time we will encourage post-WW2 non-European mass immigrants to return to their countries of origin, culture and extended families.”

This site also links to another esoteric, nationalistic affair trading on the two staples of nazi ideology – conspiracy theory and pseudo-esoteric bullshit about national origins. Woden’s Folk warn us:

“This is why Woden’s Folk will co-operate with all peoples around the world who seek to break free from this world domination by the Dark Forces.”

Whether those dark forces refer to jews, muslims or communists remains unclear.

Also on the list of links affiliated with this daft demo are auld enemy The Freedom Association. We’ve covered these union busting, apartheid supporting muppets before but it seems that they still seem intent on forcing their own warped version of freedom on the general populace.

How currently apathetic TUC members will react to the Freedom Association marching on mayday is anyone’s guess, here’s hoping that it perks them up a bit, they’ve still got some big lads after all.

Meanwhile, as anarchists the question is do we bite?

Do we allow this motley bunch of racists, nazis and crypto-fascists to pollute the streets of London on mayday … our day.

Chances are that the Met will step in long before we even get a chance to decide. For all their brave chat it seems doubtful that these little Englanders will be given permission to march and it’s further doubtful that they will have the balls to go ahead against police advice.

Nervy cops will be keen to avoid a showdown which could lead to a public order situation of hilarious consequences so it’s likely that this event will be down the swanny before the month is out. If not a militant anti-fascist response may be called for, if only for want of something fun to do this mayday, given the lack of any other inspirational suggestions.

Get the Message Yet?

The above image was projected onto the Houses of Parliament last night ahead of this Saturday’s march.

An autonomous bloc has been called for the march, turn up on the day and look for a large red and black banner with the word ‘RESIST’ on it near speakers corner in Hyde Park.

Don’t expect much though. Do expect … strange old men with megaphones, over-excited students, pushy stewards doing the cop’s jobs for them and the smell of apathy never far from the air. Don’t forget to bring earplugs if you intend to stay for the Trafalgar Square rally, wrap up warm and be nice to the policemen who are, after all, just doing their job mate.

Molotov cocktails will be confiscated and sent to Baghdad for use by the Iraqi resistance, meanwhile any attempts at direct action will result in immediate expulsion from the SWP, you lucky bugger.

People selling papers other than the Party’s own media organ will be shot with a water pistol until they fight back. The SWP would like to remind members that any injuries stustained on this demonstration are the responsibilty of the Communist Party of Great Britain (splitters) or those bloody anarchists, and that the SWP will not be held liable for anything at all.

Note: This includes co-opting and destroying the largest peace movement in the UK’s history … so there.

For details to liven up the march have a read of Bored of Stop the War Marches, let’s make this one count!

Close the Banks

There are few greater examples of legalised theft than the banking industry, but it seems that the punters are starting to wake up and smell the fair trade coffee.

Today’s Mirror features a recent survey of over 30,000 brands to find the one’s that were most likely to be recommended by their customers. Barclays came a resounding bottem with NatWest, Lloyds TSB and Abbey all in the bottem 10.

Meanwhile fluffy capitalists picked hippy coffee company Cafe Direct as the winner .. everybody say ahhh (for real ethical coffee with a revolutionary flavour go here). Google came second in the poll showing that their plans for world domination are close to fruition.

To those not in the know, google is a CIA/Mossad/PNAC/Illuminati front company which records and stores details of every search made on the internet. These details will be used on judgement day when google unleashes their antichrist agenda onto the unsuspecting hordes. Only those whose searches have been pure will be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The impure of thought will be cast into the pits of hell for all eternity, either that or sent to work in a Chinese labour camp.

Beware of The Beast folks.

Close the Banks

(Normal service has now more or less resumed at the void thanks for asking)

New Labour … enough is enough

Ruth Kelly – council houses are no longer for life
“My my prelimary reaction is this : FUCK YOU, BLAIRITE SCUM — just now, you are more of a threat to me and my kind than THATCHER was many years ago ….

Evict me at your peril, Kelly.”

William of Walworth, a poster on urban 75

’nuff said.
(we might get round to writing something ourselves again soon)

the void Reveals the French Connection!

Rumours of an international conspiracy of silence amongst the world’s press blocking information about the US’s recent invasaion and occupation of France were thwarted today with the release of a statement from Fox News:

“Fox News and Newscorp wish to express our apologies to the two viewers who have expressed concern at our lack of coverage of the US-France conflict. We’re all just a bit busy you see and the general feeling is that this isn’t really the kind of story that Fox or other Newscorp media outlets would generally be interested in. All the countries in the world face invasion, from immigrants, AIDS, homosexuals and worst of all Muslims. Newscorp simply cannot mobilise a news team just because a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys feel badly done to.

Newscorp remains an impartial observer in our coverage of international events as our footage from Iraq and Afghanistan has proved. Newscorp warn all Americans to get behind Bush, because, frankly, you’re either with us or fucking against us.

Having said that we have passed on your concerns to our regional news team in the State of France who have pledged to cover the story as soon as the truffle seaon is over.

Thank you for contacting Newscorp Complaints Department, we have logged your ip address, traced it to your home and will be paying you a visit shortly.”

Resistance in France itself has so far been sparse. Rumours talk of crack US troops swamping the agricultural region and winning over locals with the promise of ‘shiny things’. This technique was first employed by Margaret Thatcher to break socialism in the north of England.

UN officials say they plan to draft a resolution soon, however the person responsible is on a fact finding mission to the Bahamas and doesn’t plan on returning until the cash runs out. In the meantime the Mongolian paperclip shortage combined with the recent Flemish Newt Farming Crisis has left many staff feeling drained and close to suicide.

So it seems to be down to the void to support our brothers and sisters across the channel. Our man in Paris is on the scene and will be bringing exclusive updates on all the action as it happens. Over to you, Ludo:

One terrifying aspect of the arrival of America’s invasion force in France is the realisation that it makes no difference, writes Ludo Windsor in the first of nine despatches from the occupied territories.

The absence of reaction at popular level, however, contrasts with a frenzy of activity in the offices of France’s rival Presidential candidates. A journalist at the offices of Libération, a conservative newspaper founded in 1968 by media star, Jean-Paul Satre, is reported also to have noted the events on French beaches.

The hottest reaction to the uninvited arrival of the US invasion force is to be seen on the website of Nicolas Sarkozy, Presidential hopeful and fast-talking interventionist. A spokesman for the Sarkozy presidential campaign can be heard on the site making the following statement.

“This invasion could not have come at a better moment for the French people. Perhaps this will shake voters out of their apathy. Our own position will depend entirely on what voters have to say. It is too early at this stage for the candidate to voice an opinion.”

What is astonishing about the Sarkozy statement is not is contents but the fact that it was made in English. Shortly before the invasion Candidate Sarkozy addressed a throng of French voters in the city of London while three thousand spectators crowded the streets outside the building in Blogmorton Street. Sarkozy said that with 300,000 French citizens living in the British capital, greater London is the second largest French city after Paris.

The website of France’s first woman Presidential candidate, Ségolène Royal, in contrast brims with pictures, videos, fact-based reporting and commentary on the invasion. Peering through the murk and propoganda, your temporary correspondent was able to pick out the following keys:

The French people are wrong if they think this invasion makes no difference.

Full confidence in the capacity of the French armed forces to do their duty.

No use of the Force de Frappe ( meaning no first nuclear strike).

Patrick Sabatier, though, a journalist for Libération, a conservative newspaper popularly referred to as Libé, made it clear that the invasion would not stand. Writing in a column using script four feet high ( 1.29 metres), Sabatier points out that although the US liberated Europe twice during the twentieth century when it accepted invitations to join the struggle to free occupied Europe, it has lost the wars it has initiated. “From Korea to Vietnam and to the current wicked fiasco in Iraq, the evidence shows that modern America is not capable of winning a war. When Americans grasp what the occupation of France will cost them, a revolt by taxpayers is inevitable.”

Ludo Windsor