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Saddam Hangs, Peace Returns to Iraq

Bombing South Of Baghdad Kills At Least 31

Blair Thanks Bono

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David Icke Outed as Brew Crew!

We were unlucky enough to catch ‘David Icke – Was He Right?’ on Boxing Day, to which a the answer is clear … no he wasn’t.

Coming on like a slightly sleazy, overweight buffoon, poor old Icke failed to realise the joke was well and truly on him. He’s currently plugging the film desperately on his bonkers website and if you must you can watch it here. The fact he views the film as a success shows exactly the level of Icke’s grasp of ‘the truth’.

One truth that didn’t escape us here though was a shot towards the end of the documentary (sic). If we can ever be bothered we’ll grab a screen shot, but for now take our word for it that Icke was seen clearly drinking a can of Tenants super lager, the new meths, for all the world to see.

They ain’t lizards yer seeing David, it’s called delirium tremors and it’s a treatable condition … just lay off the sauce.

We tried to contact David for a comment but all he did was ask us for 50p and then try and sell us a used travelcard.

This post was sponsored by the Rothschild Global Banking Cabal

Anarchists Against the Wall have blocked central Tel Aviv

“Israeli activists have blocked central Tel Aviv with razor wire from the Apartheid Wall. The activists stretched the razor wire across Basel Street with a sign from the Wall that reads in Arabic, Hebrew and English: “Anyone who touches the fence endangers their life.” The twenty activists from Anarchists Against the Wall, who attend the weekly Friday demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall in Bil’in, set up the blockade at around 2pm and started handing out flyers to passers
by explaining the action.

The action was taken to protest the Apartheid Wall being built through the West Bank, as well as severe travel restrictions on Palestinians. The leaflets remind Israelis that they bear responsibility for the suffering of Palestinians as a result of their government’s apartheid policies.” more

we’re back .. almost.

happy new year an’ all.

Big Sexy Festy Party – Full Line Up!

The heavies at access all areas have requested that we give this event a bigger plug. Who says we don’t have leaders …

So here’s the flyer and the details in full (goes on a bit, blame A***)

“Free festival people here is the biggest baddest big sexy festy party you ever did cry out for so hold on tight for the super heavyweight blowout monster rave that’s going to make you dance yer big sexy Christmas present socks off right into the new year….

Big Sexy Festy Party – New Years Eve


Fund Raiser for next years Finsbury Park Free festival in association with CRISIS.

Room One: Big Sexy Festy Party – Excellence in solid party music on a 30 k rig
Quality Tom [Eco Arcadia/Big Chill Party Tent/Bestival]
Dj Progress [Big Sexy Festy Party]
Tattoo John [Alabama Three]
Zebedee [Restless Natives]
Chris Liberator [Stay Up Forever] Time Permitting!!!
and possibly going onto the Stay up Forever/Kinetic after party.
Watch this space.

Lights by Its All Done With Mirrors. [Glade Festival/Glastonbury/Eastern Haze]
Professional lighting production Best lightshow in the country!!!

Visuals by Is It TV? Multi Screen Projection [Glastonbury Festival/Glade Festival/BSFP].Six Massive screens VJ’d with the wickedest visuals archiving twenty years of festival culture and amazing effects.

Room Two: Speakeasy Sound System
CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL SOFA LOUNGE playing hip hop, soul, disco, swing and rock and roll.
DJs: Rach, Little Miki, Dno, Jim Bitch and friends

Room Three: Mashed Potato Sound System
With mental festival mixmaster selectors including
Reknaw Kieth
Stevie K
And Guests From Solution Roots Reggae Sound System……
Goldfinger And Friends.

Room Four: Eco Arcade Pinball and video game arcade with organic food cafe and all night barbeque

Five: Bonfire Yard with Stalls and eco info and environmental campaigns.

ALSO…….Live 25 strong SAMBA BAND to see in the New Year and a selection of small but excellent Fireshows throughout the party. Circus Performers from No Fit State Circus including mental costumed stiltwalkers and loads of other crazy stuff.

Good value non rip off bars all night. Please do not bring your own booze as you will be disappointed when you are asked not to bring it in….we have a festival to pay for here…..!!!!

Excellent central London location





07852 841 456 or 07852 839 742




Timeout magazine described our free festival in Finsbury park as…



Last years festival raised £1960 in donations for CRISIS [fighting for
hope for homeless and vulnerable people]

So stay true to the underground and celebrate 10 years of free festivals in North London with the BSFP on NYE and get ready for a real ethically true monster free festival for Crisis next year.

This is a total bargain of a party at a tenner as we operate a community rate ethic which we feel helps us to rigidly adhere to the absolute core issue of the free festival which perhaps other festival groups have chosen to forget…….we have not forgotten the origin of this event or the root of the free festival. And we are clearly focussed on the future of the event….and anyway were all going to be skint after crimbo so a tenner is about right….or if yer really broke and bring PROOF of concession you can come for a fiver but the door staff are on it and the security take no messin…




NYPD Guilty!

1000 people marched on Wall Street yesterday in protest at police racism and brutality.

Throughout the demonstration the protesters repeatedly counted to 50 to signify the number of NYPD bullets pumped into the car of unarmed 23-year-old African American Sean Bell on the day of his wedding. Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman were also injured by the police violence.

full story and more pics

Blair’s Police Interview, We Get the Transcript!

Well, it took some time, but this morning, fresh from our source at Number 10 we received the transcript of Blair’s recent brush with the law. Here goes …

Unidentified Officer: The tapes running Sarg’, can’t believe I’m at number 10
Yates of the Yard: Well just let me do the talking that’s all, now quiet, I think he’s coming …

(sound of distant shouting)

male voice: LOOK, I am a fucking barrister as well you know!
female voice: My god, you’re just so fucking full of yourself aren’t you, and full of shit as ever
male voice: oh just fuck off woman, I’m more than capable of handling this
female voice: Fine, whatever you say, just don’t come fucking crying to me when you fuck it up like you always fucking do…

(sound of door opening and then slamming)

Blair’s voice, sounding irritated: Look, I’m very busy, can we wrap this up quickly, I didn’t do it you know
Yates of the Yard: Do what sir?
Blair: Well why the hell are you hear?
Yates: What didn’t you do sir?
Blair: For god’s sake man, I didn’t destroy the labour party, I didn’t sell out socialism, I never killed that bloody scientist and I don’t sell bloody peerages!
Yates: For instance sir …
Blair: You keep a bloody civil tongue in your head will you, remember who you’re speaking to for christ’s sake

(long pause)

Blair: Look I’m sorry ok, I’m under lots of pressure and I just, well I just don’t need this right now, but I’ve been terribly rude, can I get you two chaps a drink?
Yates: Not on duty sir
Blair: Oh come on chaps, we can be adults about this can’t we
Yates: It’s the rules sir
Blair: Rules, oh come on, who makes the rules, I make the bloody rules, now I insist
Yates: How would it look in court sir, me pissed at this interview
Blair: Absolutely splendid (shouts out) Gordon, bring three large whiskies, in fact bring the bottle

Now then chaps, how can I help you?

Yates: We are conducting enquiries into the improper use of the honours list sir
Blair: OK, now we’re talking, now listen, I’m a straight kinda guy, as you well know. I came into politics to reform the honours system, to make them more accountable, we created the people’s peerages you know
Yates: That you did sir
Blair: Oh enough of this sir business old chap, that’s exactly the sort of thing I’m trying to get rid of, just call me Tony and hey I’ll call you … Baron?
Yates: I hope you’re not suggesting …
Blair: Please, please, just my little joke, but you do understand what I mean, peerages should go to the real heros in our society, people like you
Yates: On a coppers salary sir?
Blair: You looking for promotion
Yates: Well, Iain Blair’s only got a lousy K
Blair: Well the sky’s the limit really, what we value though, what we value most, is loyalty to the crown
Yates: Us too sir, the Crown Prosecution Service
Blair: Now let’s not be anti-social
Yates: Just doing my job sir
Blair: Yes, well no-one likes it when people start getting too clever, things can happen you know, and not very nice things …
do you ever go walking in the woods?
Yates: No sir
Blair: hmm, well neither did David Kelly,
Yates: You threatening me sir?
Blair: Absolutely, now you’re getting it, my goodness this is going well
Yates: I understand sir
Blair: So that’s it, we’re all done then, oh and Yates, there’s a couple of positions at the Home Office you might want to think about, and keep an eye in your mail in the run up to the new year
Yates: I think we understand each other sir, textbook policing really
Blair: Very good, I knew you were a true professional, not many like you left you know
Yates: Thank you sir, I’ll be off then sir
Blair: One more thing Yates
Yates: Yes sir
Blair: The tape Yates, pass me the tape
Yates: Very good sir, I’ll be on my way, evenin’ all.

ID Cards .. the first nail?

ID cards have been dealt a serious and possibly fatal blow after the more insiduous aspect of the scheme, the national database, appeared to have been dropped today.

Gibbering John Reid, who reportably is unable to send text messages because of the fiddly buttons, is said to have made this decision after having a hissy fit due to being unable to operate his iPod.

Declaring all technology as ‘new-fangled’ and ‘the work of the devil’, Reid had plans for a massive twelve story warehouse, two miles square, to house everyone’s details on paper. Due to be staffed by little old ladies climbing rickety 30 foot ladders and shot only in black and white, this scheme was scrapped after Home Office officials branded it ‘fucking stupid’ and pointed out that the Pentagon already run such an installation.

With the sinister spectre of a government database holding personal information about the entire population seemingly (and rightly) gone down the swanny some are questioning the whole ID card project.

Is the government really likely to spend billions of tax payers money pursuing a strategy which will have no discernable benefit and only serve to piss people off … google Trident for your answer …

Cops vs Carol Singers, we’ve been here before

Well, last year the forces of darkness were routed so I guess this deserves a plug if only to keep the forces of rachel at bay. It seems the cops are up for a rematch, meet tomorrow, Parliament Square, 7pm

a year in the void (part 2)

God, we can hardly be bothered, but I guess we started so we ought to finish. To bring you up to date, this is our end of year round up of the top stories in the void, written largely because we’re too lazy to resort to proper blogging.

A lot’s been happening as well, respect to the Fairford Coach Campaigners by the way, well done and we’d have covered it if we could have been arsed. Meanwhile tensions in Oaxaca continue to mount and there’s some demo thingy in Parliament Square happening soon.

So, back to last year, well in July the Prescott/Winterton affair was raging after several bloggers risked the wrath of the libel courts to finally establish the name of Prescott’s second mistress. The libel lawyers never came knocking, but we were name checked by the beeb by one Paul Mason. Mason was very upset that bloggers didn’t follow his strict practice of journalistic integrity and was then shocked to realise that neither did he!!!

We also offered the tories some generous suggestions on their so far fruitless search for a London mayoral candidate. Professor Nutt was fun as well.

In a journalistic coup, we bravely managed to publish the now near legendary ‘Man Mugged for Half Eaten Sandwich’, which was promptly plagarised by the Evening sub-Standard.

August was a wash out, we developed a strange and debilitating ennui and life, children and alcohol took over.

In September things picked up nicely, with insider info from Israel, poor old David Shaylor finally cracking under the strain and a pop at auld enemy, the Stop the War Coalition (SWP).

We were also responsible for revealing ‘the real RED manifesto’. And we showed the latest Met police recruitment tactics.

Good month September.

In October, well Tarquin’s revelations about the Wetherspoons sound system at last year anarchist bookfair drew some heat, we got graphical on your ass and we warned yet again about the dangers of id cards (read it, it’s got a good gag at the end).

Already feeling guilty for our lack of recent coverage of Oaxaca, this was also the month that indymedia journo Brad Will was shot and state repression began to bite hard. We also, bizarrely, stuck up for Jonathan Ross.

As for November, well then came the much lauded new template. It does feel better not to cringe with embarrassment every time we look at the blog.

We were able to leak yet another Bush/Blair conversation, and launched the occasional series ‘this is what democracy looks like’ which will continue to expose state brutality throughout the world.

November also so uprisings in Harmondsworth Detention Centre, which ended with the frankly hilarious revalation that the walls in the complex were made of straw.

We wonder how many more prisons have been built that way.

And that brings us into December, which saw the questioning of Blair by the Met (we’ve got a great piece, we’ll get round to it okay), anarchy at the beeb and a round up of the first six months in the void .. and we wrote a poem.

So there it is, the first year in the void and we’ve survived. Big plans for next year include the possibility of a domain change, further contributors and an all out assault on the tyrant secretly controlling the internet.

google it …