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St Agnes Place Eviction Brutally Completed

The eviction of London’s oldest squatted community was completed last night after an army of riot cops descended on this long running community which Lambeth first attempted to evict in the 70’s.

The last squatter was removed from his home at 10pm last night, and immediately rushed to hospital having suffered extensive injuries apparantly down to a vicious assault by police.

A demonstration outside Lambeth Town Hall last night won the support of local residents and a call out has been made to visit the street today when heavy demolition machinery will be used to demolish the buildings, and help support the 150 people who will be left homeless.

who ate all the pies?

St Agnes Place Needs You – eviction kicking off now!

some cops practice writing while waiting around

The eviction of St Agnes Place community in Kennington (South London) by Lambeth Council has started today in earnest. The oldest squatted street in London has been swarming with riot police all day whilst residents are still resisting the bailiffs.

Throughout the day there have also been reports of police stopping people on their way to show support to St Agnes Place community outside Oval, Kennington, Stockwell and Brixton tubes.

A call has been made for people to go to the street and support the 150 strong community, that will become homeless if the eviction is not stopped. a map

check indymedia for updates throughout the eviction and full story

timeline of todays events

Stop Press: Possible statement on Medical Cannabis Expected Wednesday

THE THREE THC4MS ‘conspirators’ being charged with conspiracy to supply cannabis chocolate, have mysteriously been summoned by the trial judge to an unscheduled hearing this Wednesday for an “announcement”.

There may of course be no connection, but this happens to be the same day that Home Sec Charles Clark is also expected to make an “announcement” at a government sponsored drugs conference in central London.

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Masons of the Month

Above, is the doorway of 10 Duke Street, off Piccadilly, SW1. According to Stephen Knight, author of the well received freemasonic expose ‘The Brotherhood’ (first pub. 1983 Granada Publishing)this is the meeting point and (secret) headquarters of the highest ranking freemasons in the country, the so called Supreme Council of whose existance the majority of rank and file masons are not even aware.

According to Knight

“Nobody looking at that fine but anonymous house from outside could suspect that behind its pleasing facade, beyond the two sets of sturdy double doors and up the stairs there is a Black Room, a Red Room and a Chamber of Death. To high Masons, the house in Duke Street known as the Grand East.”

Knights book caused a storm of controversy on it’s release with it’s claims of masonic skullduggery rampant throughout the British establishment. Knight also revealed many former masonic secrets such as the brutal blood oaths of the initiation ceremonies.

Knight interviewed hundereds of former and current masons, and his book without doubt ruffled masonic feathers across the world. One of Knight’s interviews (reproduced here) illustrates techniques rogue masons may use to attack those who fall by the wayside.

18 months after publication of the book, Knight sadly died from a malignant tumour in his brain. He was, you guessed it, 33 years old.

Whilst no serious commentators have alleged Knight’s death to be any more than a tragedy, Martin Short’s speculation in his book ‘Inside the Brotherhood’ which he rather arrogantly styled as the sequel Knight would have written were he still alive, prompted one Californian mason to write the furious denial published here

Whatever the truth, take a trip to Duke Street and see for yourself the mysterious ‘Offices of the Supreme Council’ (see if you can spot anyone going in or out, in 5 or 6 trips I’ve made there’s never been a soul about bar security).

Medical Cannabis: House of Lords reject ‘medical necessity’ defence appeal petition

MEDICAL CANNABIS users and suppliers who are prosecuted under the cannabis prohibition laws (1971 Misuse of Drugs Act), have been effectively banned from using the best legal defence argument they have, thanks to a decision by three House of Lords ‘Law Lords’, Lords Bingham, Carswell and Rodger.

The three guilty ‘Law Lords’ from the ‘House of Lords’, the ‘highest’ court in the land, (pictured above), have rejected a ‘petition to appeal’ to them after the ‘Court of Appeal’ rejected appeals by lawyers in several medical cannabis cases in which the ‘medical neccessity’ defence was refused by the original trial judges, who would not even allow juries to hear it.
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Meanwhile, in an as ever contradictory move GW Pharmadeuticals have announced that they have been informed by the Home Office that the Drugs Minister, Paul Goggins, has confirmed that Sativex® oromucosal spray, its cannabis-based medicine, may be imported from Canada to satisfy its prescription to individual patients in the UK as an unlicensed medicine.

David Irving denies incarceration

David Irving today issued a statement denying that he is currently incarcerated in prison in Austria facing a possible 10 years imprisonment for holocaust denial.

Speaking from his cell he claimed that there is absolutely no evidence that he has ever even been arrested and that reports of him recently being denied bail have no substance whatsoever.

He claims that he personally has no knowledge of his imprisonment, that he is not a holocaust denier and that in fact the holocaust never even happened.

He further claims that rumours of his own existence have been much exaggerated, and that there is only hearsay evidence that he has ever existed at all.

His lawyers have confirmed that it is believed these rumours are part of a zionist conspiracy to further discredit his argument that nothing is actually true whatsoever, and in any event the second world war is an urban myth based around several black and white films made in the 30’s and 40’s.

the void requests that the CIA extraordinary rendition his ass to Isreal and hand the bastard over to Mossad

Camden Free Vegan Food Fayre : 10 December

Vegan Campaigns are organising a free vegan food fayre at St. Pancras Community Centre, 30 Camden Street, London NW1 0LG on Saturday, 10 December from 12-3.30pm. Nearest tubes are Mornington Crescent in under 5 minutes and Camden Town in 10 minutes.

The event is aimed at non-vegan members of the general public – all vegans and campaigners are urged to get involved with helping to make this event a great success.

Contact to see how you can help.

Binge Balony

“All this talk of binge drinking is a load of old bollocks” a leading alcoholic told the void yesterday “I’ve been binge drinking for 30 years, no-one ever gave a stuff before”

Slightly slurring his words, it might be said he had a point. In the north of England the required weekend drinking has traditionally been 10 pints a night, and 50 pint weekends are not out of the question.

This has led to all the problems currently associated with binge drinking whether it be mods and rockers going at each other, or Leeds versus Man U.

So why the sudden media frenzy?

Our leading alcoholic suggested an answer “it’s them ain’t it, the geeks”

When pushed further he drained his glass and whispered “you know, the goody two shoes, never did anything wrong brigade, they’re trying to take what’s ours, the excitement, the poetry, the dreams of the glorious urban jungle that is Saturday night down the town”

“they don’t understand that violence, addiction and liver disease goes with the territory, you can’t have one without the other, it’s the price we pay for our glamorous funfilled lives”

When it was pointed out that chucking up outside the kebab house is not particularly glamorous or fun he continues “of course not, but they’re the lightweights, or the novices, you’ll always need them”

“it’s the only way some people get any sex after all”

“and now this bunch of do-gooders moaning that they’re too scared to go into the city centre after dark at the weekend”

“well good, it ain’t for you, stick to your chess clubs and book circles, this is ours, we’ve worked hard to achieve it”

“and you can stick your non smoking pubs up yer arse as well”

Could it be true that many of those winging about smoking in pubs or the weekly chaos that can be Saturday night, are quite possibly people who wouldn’t ordinarily go to pubs or hit the town of a weekend anyway.

But like all good puritans they can’t stand the thought that people out there are having more fun than them (which wouldn’t take much).

Like people who complain about TV shows they’ve never watched or would want to watch could it be a typical little England hysteria that we’re all doomed to descend into a mire of alcohol soaked violence and degradation, especially with the relaxing of the licensing laws.

Surely only a fool can see that kicking everyone out of the pub at the same time is likely to increase drunken confrontations, especially as many of them have knocked back three pints of bastard strength lager in drinking up time.

Problem is they’ve fucked it, all that seems to have happened in practice is that most pubs have been granted a licence till midnight, thereby extending the curfew for an hour, but still having a fairly uniform kicking out time.

So little is likely to change in the foreseeable future.

Which is the way some would have it

“pint, a curry and a fight, it’s what Saturday nights all about ain’t it”

our man says as he unsteadily rises to his feet. He turns to face me as he opens the day to leave

“are you fucking looking at me pal?”

then he fell over.


St Agnes Place Call For Solidarity

CALL FOR SOLIDARITY FROM St. Agnes Place and the Kennington Play Project
Please Forward this to people in South London.

On Wednesday 23rd November 2005 at Brixton Town Hall, Lambeth Council will be holding a full council meeting. We want to discuss the future of St Agnes Place and the nearby Kennington Play Project. Their plan is to close the playground and knock down twenty one properties (52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 75 77 79 81 83 85 87 89 and 91) in a £16m deal with London Quadrant Housing who want to buy the land.

For more than 30 years, the squatters of St Agnes Place have formed one of Britain’s most distinctive communities and have established themselves as a positive part of the wider community. The Kennington Play Project has offered a safe open-access play facility for local children which is as in demand now as it was over 25 years ago when it opened. Once the council takes a decision like this, the likelihood of further land sales and demolition in the area increases. Where will this stop and where will the children who use the playground go to play?

The demolition notice has already been served, and it is now a matter of time before they act on it. Lambeth Council has been trying to get rid of the residents of St Agnes Place for years – Councillor Keith Fitchett recently described them as “parasites”. This is the same man who is at the centre of a Council Housing fraud scandal which has recently cost £2.8m of tax payer’s money. Police fear this money may never be recovered and Fitchett may be forced to resign as a result. We are being expected to put our trust in a council which is knee deep in scandal and financial mismanagement.

The meeting on the 23rd is your opportunity to make your views heard. We need to let Lambeth know that their plans are totally unacceptable and will have an extremely negative impact on the local residents. The more people we can get down to Brixton Town Hall the better. Please pass this information on to your friends and arrange to meet at 6:00pm.

For further information please feel free to call: 07795 542 458